Ensure Advanced Fabric Care with Samsung Ecobubble™ Technology

on 29-07-2021
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Tough stains can be difficult to remove. But with Samsung’s Ecobubble™ technology, tough stains will be a thing of the past.


Samsung’s Ecobubble™ technology uses a bubble generator to dissolve detergent into the water and then inject air, producing a rich soapy foam cushion that penetrates 40 times faster.


With less mechanical actions and bubble cushion, the technology provides 45% extra fabric care. The softer and smoother bubble action protects delicate clothes such as outdoor wear and water repellent fabrics. Ecobubble™ ensures the detergent is properly dissolved into the water leading to faster penetration into clothes.


Not only that, the Super Eco Wash programme washes at just 15°C with the result of a 40°C wash. As a result, the washing machine ensures energy saving by only using 30% of it.


So, why wait? Get yourself the Samsung AI EcoBubble washing machine and give your favourite clothes the care they need.





To know more about the new AI Ecobubble™ Washing Machine, visit: http://spr.ly/6058yJzJu

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