Four Simple Steps to Monitor Your Sleep Pattern with Samsung Health App

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A healthy diet, a challenging fitness regime, and sound sleep to end the day can help you achieve your fitness goals. With a little help from the S Health app on your smartphone, manage your health better and stay motivated while tracking fitness, sleep, weight loss, nutrition, and more.


Galaxy Watch users can monitor sleep patterns through different stages of sleep. Valuable sleep insights help optimize sleep schedules. After all, don’t we all wish to wake up refreshed and cheerful every day!


Here are four simple steps to track your sleep pattern on your smartwatch or smartphone using the Samsung Health app:

Open Samsung Health on your phone

Download the app on your phone and create your Samsung account. Once registered, you can access Samsung Health

Track your daily performance

To see if you have been sleeping well, all you have to do is select the ‘Sleep’ tab and scroll down to see your sleep stages such as REM, light, awake time, and deep sleep.


Analyze your sleep routine

Samsung Health app not just tracks your daily sleep, but helps keep a record over days or weeks. You think you can only monitor your sleep routine on a daily basis. If you feel you haven’t been getting the right amount of sleep or you feel fatigued every morning, here’s what you can do—you can access your sleep performance over days, weeks, and months and see if you have been experiencing a disturbed sleep pattern.


Set a target

To ensure that you get your adequate sleep every day, tap on ‘Set Target’ and punch in your ‘Bedtime’ hour and ‘Wake-up’ hour on the app and you are all set to refresh your sleep cycle!



Moreover, if you are a smartwatch user and like sleeping with your smartwatch close to your heart, then simply connect your watch with the app. When you wake up in the morning, swipe left. The sleep widget shows your sleep results at a glance!

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