Galaxy J6+ and Galaxy J4+ Take Self-Expression to a New Level With Emotify’s Avatars

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Millennials and Gen Z have changed the way we communicate. They have replaced plain texts with emoticons, and love making their messages emotive and fun. And they love their social media too.



In a study that Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore (SRI-B) conducted, it found millennials and Gen Z loved creating interesting avatars of themselves that can be shared on social media as well as on instant messengers, showcasing different aspects of their personality.


This insight led SRI-B, Samsung’s biggest R&D centre outside Korea, to develop Emotify for the new Galaxy J6+ and Galaxy J4+ smartphones, in collaboration with graphic software and visual design startup Mobigraph, taking self-expression to a new level.


Emotify offers users the freedom to create their own cartoon-based 3D avatars, customized to their personal taste and style.



Emotify allows you to create or edit up to three different 3D avatars showcasing each aspect of your personality. You can choose from a variety of accessories, from glasses to formal, casual and traditional clothes, to give your avatar the perfect look to suit each of your personas.


Once the avatar is created/modified, over 32 different pre-loaded animations from smiling to dancing are instantly generated for this avatar, so that you can add a dose of fun to your everyday conversations with your friends and family in just a few clicks. Each animation is converted into an animated GIF and can be shared on any chat app.


To make it even more personalized, Emotify allows users to edit avatars in the animated GIFs and add text around those avatars in 14 different Indian languages.



Conversations on our smartphones today aren’t limited to just SMSes. People converse on the numerous social media sites and instant messaging applications. On Galaxy J6+ and Galaxy J4+, the Emotify app is embedded in the Samsung keyboard and users can share their custom avatars on any software that accepts input from this keyboard, such as a preferred social media site, instant messengers or even text editing software.


“Under our ‘Make for India’ initiative, we strive to develop meaningful innovations for Indian consumers. We strongly believe in co-prosperity and welcome collaboration and partnership opportunities with local startups that deliver superior innovation, giving clear advantage to our consumers in India,” said Mr. Dipesh Shah, Managing Director, SRI-B.



SRI-B developed Emotify specifically for Indian consumers based on insights and collaboration with Mobigraph, a Bangalore-based startup, by bringing together the latter’s memory efficient embedded software engine named XPRESSO and design studio expertise to deliver India specific content.


“The ability to personalize emotions to create something special for your loved ones is extremely fun and powerful. We are extremely delighted to partner with Samsung for Emotify using our product XPRESSO, which combines the power of 3D Avatar Technology and Visual Art. XPRESSO delivers emotionally engaging, hyper-personalized content, without compromising on memory foot print, performance and battery”, said Uday Kadirvel, CEO and Co-founder of Mobigraph.


At Samsung, we are committed to transform the future by creating products that enhance the lives of our consumers. This is why Samsung launched the ‘Make for India’ initiative in 2015 under which Samsung’s R&D centres in India develop meaningful innovations with local insights that are gathered after listening to consumers.


Seeking more such collaborations, SRI-B recently invited startups to join its ‘Make for India with Samsung’ initiative, to connect with the startup community for future collaborations and to explore a journey of building next generation products and services for India, enabling innovation, excellence and co-prosperity.

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