Get Immersed into the World of Gaming with Samsung Neo QLED TV

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Are you someone who gets lost in the virtual reality of action-adventure gaming? With the new line-up of Samsung Neo QLED TVs, it’s time to upgrade for the ultimate gaming experience.


Power up your reaction time with a high refresh rate, never lose a valuable second with low input lag, and envisage yourself in the game. With these advanced features, Samsung Neo QLED TVs are taking gaming to new heights for a more lifelike experience.


Here is why it is a game-changer:


Immerse with Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro: Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro delivers peak performance, consistently creating  crisp visuals and blazing-fast speeds for high-speed gaming. This gaming powerhouse TV virtually eliminates lag and motion blur with Game Motion Plus, delivering up to 144Hz for compatible PC-connected gaming content.


Play in any setting with Quantum Matrix Technology: Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology enhances the display by using precise lighting control. It incorporates a dense array of LED backlights that can be individually dimmed or brightened, enabling deeper blacks and brighter highlights. This ensures that every scene in your game is displayed with incredible contrast and an extensive range of colors, making it feel more vibrant and dynamic.



Go into realism with advanced HDR: Witness a broader spectrum of colors with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology that enhances the overall visual experience. The Neo QLEDTVs support  HDR formats such as HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, delivering more lifelike and realistic visuals, and allowing you to see every detail in your games exactly as the developers intended.


Experience incredible flow with low input lag: The TV offers low input lag, minimizing the delay between your controller input and the on-screen response. This is essential for gaming, as it ensures your actions are translated to the screen almost instantaneously.


Escape from reality with enhanced Audio: The immersive gaming experience of the new lineup of Neo QLED TVs is not limited to visuals only . The televisions also pay  attention to audio quality. With built-in speakers or support for external sound systems, you can enjoy rich and immersive soundscapes that enhance your gameplay.


Elevate the game with gaming optimizations: To elevate the experience for every type of gamer, Samsung has included Auto Game Mode, which automatically detects when a game is being played and optimizes the TV settings for the best gaming performance. Additionally, the Neo QLED  TV offers advanced gaming features such as e HDMI 2.1 ports, which support Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM).

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