Give Your Living Room an Ultra-Premium Makeover with Samsung Neo QLED TV

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Our home is an extension of our personality and hence people like to make an extra effort to create the perfect cosy ambiance and leave a lasting impression on others who visit. Every corner, furniture, curtains, and most importantly gadgets in your home defines you. Every home requires that one statement piece that defines its inhabitants and effortlessly exudes their personality.


To add the right touch of elegance and style to your home, Samsung has recently introduced its 2022 range of Neo QLED TVs that can easily transform any living space. It offers unmatched in-home entertainment with a perfect combination of splendid design and cutting-edge features that will never fail to awe.


Wondering how Samsung Neo QLED TVs can give your home an effortless makeover and uninterrupted entertainment? Read on to know what makes them more than just TVs:


Add a Chic Look with Infinity One Design

Sporting the signature Infinity One Design, Neo QLED TVs come with a slimmer and sleeker look. Due to its unique design language, the TV appears as if it is floating above the ground. A breathtakingly beautiful sight for you and your guests!


Enhanced Viewing with Quantum Matrix Technology Pro

Samsung’s latest range of Neo QLED TVs comes with Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, which is powered by Quantum Mini LEDs. With 1/40th size of normal LED, the Quantum Mini LED enables best brightness with colors and deepest black and reduces blooming in the picture. The Shape Adaptive Light Control precisely analyses various objects in the picture and controls lights accordingly providing seamless viewing experience.


Better Convenience with Built-in IoT Hub

The latest Neo QLED TVs come equipped with a built-in IoT Hub that makes your TV a one-stop control hub for all your smart home devices, even third-party ones. The convenient SlimFit TV webcam allows you to seamlessly connect with your colleagues and loved ones through video calling or web conferences on the big TV screen. Bring the best of content viewing to your home. The Smart Hub feature comes with an all-new interface that simplifies smart viewing with an easy-to-navigate home screen.


Dolby Atmos

To bring cinematic viewing experience to the consumers, Neo QLED TV’s sound system that can create truly immersive and realistic audio experiences. The consumers can now enjoy a fantastic Dolby Atmos Experience with the unparalleled 3D surround sound.


Redefining ‘Eco-friendly’ with SolarCell Remote

Taking meaningful innovations to a whole new level, Samsung’s latest Neo QLED TVs come with the latest SolarCell Remote. It is completely battery-free and redefines ‘eco-friendly’ with its ability to get charged through the ambient light inside your home.


Immersive Gaming


The 2022 Neo QLED range allows the players to have smooth and flowing motions without a moment of lagging. The Game Bar allows players to monitor gaming status and optimize game settings easily. Also, there are no blind spots anymore with Zoom-in mode, and Ultra-wide view. All of this is possible Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro that makes the Neo QLED a must-have for the gamers.

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