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When you think about entertainment in India, cricket and Bollywood come to mind. Right? Well, wrong, because India is no longer simply a cricket crazy nation. With the highest number of millennials in the world, the choices for entertainment are changing. Through Samsung’s #IndiaReadyAction, people from all over the country have been breaking stereotypes about our entertainment choices.


For instance, in the lanes of every colony in India, you will come across kids speeding on their cycles. The passion for cycling is encouraging more and more people like Ved Vijay Neog from Johrat, Assam to participate in cross-country cycling as a sport.




Football, a sport that keeps people across the globe on their toes, too has a massive fan base in India. People like Manas Patil from Mumbai, Maharashtra follow football like a religion, even if it comes at the cost of compromising with their sleep.



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Proving a myth that says people in India only love cricket false! #Entertainment #football #IndiaReadyAction #Mumbai @samsungindia

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But the love for sports does not really end here for us. Equestrian sports such as Polo have also been growing exponentially. Apart from Polo, volleyball, basketball, skating, badminton, table tennis, hockey, wresting and much more have picked up in recent years.



But that’s sports for you! Let’s talk about music. Yes, we love Bollywood but our music choices are not limited to peppy Bollywood numbers. We love listening and grooving to different genres of music. With music being an inseparable part of our culture, we love experimenting with it as well.



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It is commonly assumed that India doesn’t have a nightlife or the idea of clubbing isn’t very widespread! Today I’m at a famous club in my town, to prove this assumption in contrast, named flying saucer, at 2 am. As you clearly observe the crazy crowd, jumping to the beats of unconventional bollywood music, the surrounding is full of glitter and glamour of any club. @samsungindia @flyingsaucercafeindia #indiareadyaction #delhi #entertainment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. #party #music #love #dj #dance #djs #fun #nightlife #hiphop #club #instagood #friends #techno #djlife #follow #housemusic #fashion #drinks #house #photography #happy #edm #producer #bhfyp #rave

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Take Macedon D’mello from Mumbai, Maharashtra, who breaks this stereotype that Indians only love Bollywood music. He, through his video, shows that fusion music has been gaining a lot of popularity lately.



Breaking another stereotype that Indians are not nocturnal and love going to sleep early, Calvin Crasto from Mumbai, Maharashtra and Sahil Vats from Delhi have, through the campaign, highlighted the nightlife Indians have.



But this is just a sneak-peek into our entertainment habits. The list is endless. After all, we are a nation of one billion people and how, on earth, can one billion people have similar entertainment choices? Something to think about, right?

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