Heartbeats from Himalayas and Steps in Spain – Travel and Stay Fit Millennial Style

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Walking around the canal-districts of Amsterdam.


Cycling through Iceland.


Trekking on the Kheer Ganga route.


And sharing it all with the world through social media.


All these wonderful memories packed with some substantial information on fitness and health tracking in every trip. A constant monitoring of heart rate along with some unmeasured adrenaline rush.



The top priorities for a young Indian are to travel far and wide…and to stay fit. This is exactly where Samsung’s latest range of wearables fit in.



Young at Heart

Sleek, trendy, a technological wonder — wearables have always thrilled the youth. However, the ones loaded with real-time features have often eluded them because of the price bracket. With Samsung’s new range of fitness bands starting at INR 2590, that may just change.



For college fachchas, university life may get all the more exciting and your fitness quotient may notch up as well with the Samsung Galaxy Fit E strapped on. Climbing up & down the stairs, finding your way to the classroom through the university corridors, hopping from a metro to an auto rickshaw – all recorded on the fitness band.


Staying fit will not just be a serious life goal, but a community-based fun activity. Even when your friends are miles away, you can challenge one another on step counts and of course, go one-up on bragging rights!



Undoubtedly, the style quotient steps up, each time you step out! Just look at the set of wearables…don’t they make your heart race?


Don’t worry, that’s being monitored all the time – even when one is sleeping.


That One Inspiring Partner that Everyone Needs

They say that the first steps are the hardest ones. In the world of fitness, it’s the first 10K steps that sets you on a path to wellness. Thus a fitness gadget needs to be much more than an information provider. It has to be an all-round motivating companion. The Galaxy Fit, and the Galaxy Active watch ensure that your fitness journey is a wholesome enriching experience.



Life sure becomes easy when your sleep pattern is monitored, your blood pressure is measured and you are informed about constant weather changes outside.



Connecting fitness with everyday activity so seamlessly makes life all the more fun. So the next time you post your picture of your snorkeling trip, do it along with your under water heart beat!

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