How Samsung Markets its Curved TVs to the World

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Since introducing the world’s first Curved UHD TV at IFA 2013 in Berlin, Samsung has dominated the market, grabbing an 82.8% share of the Curved TV market during Q1 2015 according to Display Search. The Curved TV has become synonymous with Samsung.


Samsung’s Curved TVs are designed to provide a more immersive experience, giving the viewer a better sense of depth and greater contrast. Samsung’s Curved screens give a more cinema-like experience when viewed from any angle because the panoramic effect makes the TV seen larger than it actually is. It also provides a more comfortable viewing experience because the viewing distance is more consistent.


In 2014, Samsung launched the “Coliseum” global marketing campaign, which is probably the way Samsung Curved TVs were introduced to most consumers, through advertisements on TV, in newspapers and in stores. The spots put the viewer in the ring, in front of a clan of angry gladiators.


Samsung subsidiaries in countries all around the world have also crafted marketing campaigns for the Curved TV using vividly colorful, locally relevant pictures on the screen of the TV.


The images below, which can be found on the Facebook pages of Samsung Electronics subsidiaries, are a selection of the some of the most visually impressive examples. Which one do you like the most?



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