How to Use AR on the Galaxy S10 to Find the Perfect Appliances for Your Home

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Searching for a new appliance or piece of furniture that fits perfectly into your home can be a challenge, but when you find the right match it’s a moment of pure delight. When searching online, there’s another concern as you might not feel sure until the delivery comes that the appliance’s color will complement the surrounding décor or leave enough space to open the door of a dryer or a fridge. To streamline this process, Samsung Electronics has equipped its Galaxy S10 line with AR services that remove the worry and hassle from buying new appliances and furniture.



Visualize Your New Room


Samsung’s AR service, Bixby Vision1, acts as a visual guide, allowing you to see more with your smartphone camera. The home décor function of the Galaxy S10’s Bixby Vision can show you how your home might look with new home appliances and furniture, virtually positioning them wherever you wish to see them. To enable the function, simply open up Bixby Vision, select the home décor function from the apps menu and point your camera to the area where you want to place home appliances or furniture. After choosing an appliance or piece of furniture, the object will appear wherever you tap on the screen. You can choose sofas, rugs, tables, fridges, or any other home product that you want, and virtually place them wherever you like.


The discovery doesn’t end there: Bixby Vision offers even more services that allow you to visualize your new appliances and furniture from the comfort of your own home. The AR service can apply a 3D effect to key Samsung home appliances, allowing you to see how doors open, for example. Collaborating with U.S. online furniture company, Wayfair, Bixby Vision’s home décor function runs automatically whenever you encounter 3D content on the website within the Samsung Internet app, enabling you to see what the product would look like in your room without leaving your house.


“We are planning to increase the types of home appliances and furniture that support the home décor function,” said Martin Lee of Product Strategy team at Samsung Electronics.



Check for the Right Fit


With the Galaxy S10 5G, you can make speedy assessments of an object’s dimensions without frantically searching for the tape measure. Using the 3D Depth Camera on the Galaxy S10 5G, the Quick Measure app shows you the height, width and length of the object captured by your camera. This feature makes it easier for you to buy a mattress that fits your bed frame, or a set of chairs that are the right height for your kitchen table.



1 Service availability and content provider may vary by country and device.

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