[In-Depth Look #5] Created to do Bigger Things: The Design of the Galaxy Note8

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With the Galaxy Note8, Samsung continues to showcase its heritage in both hardware and software innovation. The phone offers an optimal user experience with a large form factor that easily fits in one hand, innovative display design and technologies, and a line-up of thoughtfully designed accessories.



The Big Screen for Bigger Things


The innovation of the Galaxy Note8’s design makes possible the 6.3-inch Infinity Display. Without obstructive bezels or physical buttons, the display seamlessly blends into the device’s body, adding to the phone’s eye-catching aesthetic while improving its functionality.



To ensure that the Galaxy Note8 achieves optimal performance, the enhanced Infinity Display incorporates a slightly more squared design and a slim bezel – refinements that help to maximize the flat area of the screen, and thus provide more surface area for writing and drawing with the S Pen.





The Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display takes more than 83 percent of the body of the device, making it the biggest screen on a Note device yet. Its expansive screen space – which in landscape mode offers a 14 percent wider viewing area than the Galaxy Note5 – and aspect ratio of 18.5:9 allow for incredibly immersive viewing experiences.



The back of the phone, which features a new dual camera as well as a fingerprint scanner, maintains an equally clean and continuous silhouette as the front of the device with virtually no protrusions. Together with its symmetrically curved design, these changes help to create an ergonomic grip that enables comfortable one-handed operation.



Easy on the Eyes, Smooth to the Touch




Available in two stunning colors, Midnight Black and Maple Gold, the Galaxy Note8 has a premium look that fits almost any style.



Each color is enhanced by the glossy finishing of the phone’s materials, which was created through an intensive polishing process. The polishing was also applied to the frame of the Galaxy Note8, allowing for a seamless flow between the front and back sides of the device. The texture of the material is smooth to the touch, creating a sense of comfort.



A New Rhythm


The Galaxy Note8’s brand sound has also been updated to better harmonize with the design of the device. The tune merges a “Pen Beat,” a rhythm made by drumming the S Pen on various items, and beat-boxing to produce a catchy and millennial-esque melody perfect for a ringtone or daily alarm.

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