India Mobile Congress 2018: Samsung’s Vision for 5G in India

on 26-10-2018
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At India Mobile Congress 2018, Samsung Electronics is showcasing the many ways on how our latest technologies and user-centric 5G networks will transform our homes, stadiums, streets, farms and more through Samsung’s 5G solutions. Many new 5G-powered business models and scenarios are being demonstrated at Samsung booth to provide a glimpse into a 5G world, that can shape India’s digital future in the years to come.


During India Mobile Congress, Samsung also announced its plan for India’s first large-scale 5G trial, scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2019 in collaboration with the Department of Telecommunications (DoT).


If you didn’t get a chance to visit us during IMC 2018, check out the highlights of the event below.



5G Kiosk & Skyship

5G Connected Car will enable passengers to safely enjoy high-quality contents even when they are on the road. Samsung is already collaborating with many operators as well as industry-leading connected car technology companies like Harman.


5G Kiosk showcasing 5G connected car and skyship at India Mobile Congress 2018


Samsung’s 5G skyship, stationed at the exhibition center enables a systematic and organized rescue in emergency situations.


The solution is demonstrating ultra-high speed data transmission between road infrastructure and vehicles. This enables instant download of High Definition videos, and upload blackbox footage, update driving software and smart navigation.



5G Farm 

With extensive spectrum bandwidth, 5G can accommodate 10 times more connected devices and 5G Farm will be one of the key service case on why India should adopt 5G in the near future.


Smart sensors placed in the farm can gather soil status, humidity and temperature to measure and inform the farmers about what needs to be done to keep their crops healthy.


Government officials and guests at Samsung 5G Farm



5G City

A demonstration of a 5G-powered smart city at Samsung’s IMC booth


Samsung 5G city zone showcases a model of a city connected by Samsung’s 5G Connectivity Node, which will link a wide range of technologies such as drone cameras, sensors and vehicles to 5G networks. The model is demonstrating how by using 5G network, smart cities can detect mishaps and relay the footage and location information to relevant authorities, automatically. With connected sensors, humidity, temperature and pollution of the area can also be monitored, making roads and streets much more safer and convenient.



5G FWA & 5G Home

Using key 5G technologies, 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services will provide Gigabit speed to households.


With Samsung’s Cloud Platform, high-capacity, high-quality contents and services will be provided to users, enabling benefits like multiple UHD TV streaming, cloud gaming etc.



Gamers playing on a 5G cloud network



5G Stadium 

A Demonstration illustrating how 5G will work in crowded areas like stadium, with wider bandwidth and massive MIMO technology.


Samsung Networks’ booth at IMC 2018 is located at the Hall A and will be open from October 25 to October 27, 2018. To learn more about IMC 2018, please visit

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