[Infographic] From Nostalgia to Style in the World of Samsung Televisions

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Innovative, stylish and absolute stunners! That’s how Samsung’s televisions can be described best.


Over the years, Samsung TVs have continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation and have catered to the different needs of consumers. From being the ultimate source of entertainment in the 1970s to introducing technologies that elevated viewing experience, they have delivered nothing but the best.


With consumer’s ever-evolving tastes and heightened sense of aesthetics, Samsung has once again amazed the world of televisions by making TVs that are seamless and intuitive.


Over the last few years, Samsung has gotten imaginative when it comes to form factors that appeal to the consumers’ chic sense of style, giving rise to the era of the ‘Lifestyle TV’.


It is this drive to go beyond excellence that has helped Samsung sustain its leadership position over the last 14 years.


Walk with us into the world of Samsung televisions as we take you on a journey that begins with nostalgia and ends in uber-chic style.



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