[Quick Tech] Behind Those Big Samsung Monitors, It’s All Work & Play: Varun Krishnan

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Varun Krishnan: I’ve always been a desktop person


I have been working from home for several years now, often interrupted by meetings, travel, phone calls and more. Now, with all travel and social interactions coming to a grinding halt, my productivity is at a record new high! It has been more than a month since we opened our office and FoneArena is embracing the fact that it is an online publication.


We do have our set of challenges, as we don’t have access to our studio and some other equipment but working from home is set to become the new normal and we are all geared up to come to terms with it.


Speaking about productivity, I have always been a desktop person when it comes to getting work done. I believe in a multi-monitor setup and recently moved to Dual Samsung 27-inch curved LED monitors which has been great not only for work but also for gaming. My work environment turns into a gaming setup when I think I need to relax a bit. I love travel and flying (in real) and to make up for not flying in recent times, I fly to my favourite destinations on my Flight Simulator or drive in a F1 game, considering I can’t take out my car right now.


Staying connected is more important than ever before and this means that our mobile phones are one of the most crucial gadgets in our lives today. We should handle our gadgets with extreme care as it is hard to repair or buy a new one, at this time. On a related note, there is an increase in cybercrime, including phishing, as a lot of us are spending more time online. It is important we stay alert and stay safe digitally and must try to educate everyone around us on this subject.


The lockdown has given me the much-needed time to work on some things I have been procrastinating – sorting my ever-growing collection of photos, backing up important files, organizing my data on the cloud. Guess what has become my favourite hobby: checking out some old gadgets I have lying around. I am brushing up my programming skills and trying to pick up a new language.


Aside from screens, instrumental music is something close to my heart and I’m getting back to playing a few instruments (Mridangam and Kanjira) I used to play in the past.



[Varun Krishnan is Founder and Editor-in-Chief at FoneArena.com and has been writing about gadgets since 2005. He wrote this piece at the request of Samsung Newsroom India]

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