[Quick Tech] My Galaxy is My Life Coach: Siddhartha Sharma

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Be careful what you wish for.


Last year, I was whining a lot about travel and meetings. I wanted to stay home, take a backseat for a while, enjoy doing absolutely nothing.


Never in my wildest imagination had I thought that such a day would arrive. Now I miss being outdoors, checking out the latest tech that the world has, and of course talking to people face to face, and sharing experiences with my audience.



Luckily, technology make our survival a little easier. With 21st century technology at our disposal, it’s just so easy now to operate from home. And for those who think productivity is on the low working from home, well, I see it at an all-time high.


I can’t imagine living without my smartphone – all those long video calls, playing games or virtual meetings that have become essentials during the lockdown.


With my Galaxy S20 Plus, I spend hours away from work, playing multiplayer games with fellow journalists. That’s part of my new normal now, almost a daily routine!


Technology is what helped me conceive and start a new series where I conduct interviews with Galaxy S20 Plus of thought leaders across industries. I found the camera of the smartphone very easy to work with, and the results, of course, have been stunning.


The other aspect of this current situation for me was finding a sport that doesn’t involve too many people, and has social distancing built in. That sport was badminton. I am currently at the noob level, but I see myself getting better at it, thanks to all the online pro-level coaching I can get right on my smartphone.



So, as Earth reboots, and we move towards a technological evolution, our smartphones have become an inseparable appendage. They’ve helped us stay relevant, connected, productive, entertaining as well as be a life coach, all in one.


Hoping to see the outdoors again without restriction, and yes, if anyone is interested in a game of Badminton in the world of a new normal, you know where to find me!


[Siddhartha Sharma popularly known as SidnChips, is a Consulting Editor for Technology and Automobiles at Jagran New Media. He wrote this piece at the request of Samsung Newsroom India]

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