[Quick Tech] Never Have I Valued Technology More: Ershad Kaleebullah

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It is 2020 and the world has changed. Humans are forced to stay inside their homes and get work done; be it professional or personal. It isn’t any different for me or my team. If there is anything that has made this transition easier, it is technology.


Ershad Kaleebullah: My Galaxy S20 has kept me connected, informed and entertained


Video calling friends and family or discovering the chef within or letting out the photographer in me… never have I valued technology more. My smartphone has kept me connected, informed and entertained. As far as work is concerned, we’ve had to make rapid changes to how we do things.  And, at the forefront of it all has been the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.


Shooting videos

Since a lot of our work revolves around making videos for the Mr. Phone YouTube channel from our studio, that’s taken a hit for now. Therefore, our homes have now been converted into makeshift studios. I use Galaxy S20 Ultra for all my video shoots. It is comfortable and sleek to carry around. Moreover, the compressed file sizes are smaller, which is important as it doesn’t take long for our video editor to download the footage and start work on it immediately. Subsequently, our timelines are not affected. The footage is crisp and stablised at 4K 60fps from the front camera, the primary shooter, and even the wide angle camera.


Gaming away to glory

No, I am not Jack – the “all work and no play boy.” I love gaming and that is another reason why I’ve been hooked to the S20 Ultra. I am a big Call of Duty fan and crunching through Team Deathmatches on the mobile version of the game. It is optimised for the Galaxy S20 series and the massive display on the S20 Ultra makes it perfect for shooters.

Capturing memories

Staying at home has also inspired my wife and I to whip up different dishes across a variety of cuisines. And, to document our food experiments, the S20 Ultra has once again come in handy. Just look at the gorgeous pictures I’ve managed to capture with the phone. But, that’s not it, I’ve managed to capture great pictures of the beautiful Gurugram sky using the phone thanks to the excellent dynamic range on offer.



Also, since there are no salons open, I had to trim my beard myself. Funny thing happened, though. Instead of trimming it, I ended up shaving the entire beard. My wife wanted me to wear a mask inside the house as well, since I look like a plucked chicken now.


Jokes apart, as you can tell, I have actually used the S20 Ultra extensively and it has made it easier for me to get through my daily tasks with ease despite the chaos that is associated with staying at home.



To round it all up, let’s take a look at the macro picture. The moment this forced isolation ends we are going to see a paradigm shift in the way the world functions outside our homes. I am fairly certain that technology will play a central role in facilitating that change. Remote working will be an active option for anyone who prefers it, and personal tech such as smartphones, laptops, and related peripherals will be more in demand. And when that happens, I am going to be around not just to witness it but also to document it. What will you be doing?



[Ershad Kaleebulah is the Editor-in-Chief of Mr Phone. He wrote this piece at the request of Samsung Newsroom India]

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