Samsung Design Delhi Studio: Carving the Way for New-Age Workspaces to Enable Open Innovation

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When you step into the all new studio of Samsung Design Delhi (SDD), in Noida, you get the feeling you are walking into an art gallery, not an office. The modern art work on the walls are all conceptualized by SDD designers and this space invokes a feeling of inspiration.



The new open studio has been designed by the people who work here, SDD designers, around the concepts of creativity, innovation and collaboration. It reflects the collective aspirations of everyone here.


Focusing on elevating the spirit of open innovation through design research, the SDD studio is strategically placed along with Samsung R&D Institute, Noida at Candor TechSpace.



This all-new studio of SDD challenges the traditional notion of how a workspace should be!


As you pass through the arrival experience, spaces seamlessly transition between the themes of creation, collaboration and celebration. Natural wood tones and the greens of the plants contribute to the bright, open feel of the office. The entire office space carries with it the feeling that ideas are sown and nurtured here.


Thoughtfully crafted open workspaces with height adjustable desks in wooden finish create a comfortable and spacious zone for designers to innovate and create. Expansive floor to ceiling windows bring in an abundance of natural light, creating an openness for the collaborative areas arranged alongside these windows.



These areas range from small and large huddle spaces to informal lounges tastefully designed with a variety of seating formats in neutral tones.


Samsung Design Delhi is proud to turn a new chapter in 2022 with its brand new studio space. It is a bright open space that cultivates the right environment for innovation. The synergy and seeds of the innovation are driven through strong collaboration with our R&D centres across India & beyond. We bring together the epitome of creativity for our consumers from this new space,” said Mr. KD Park, Managing Director, Samsung Design Delhi.



Adjacent to the collaborative spaces is Rang (Color), the Color, Material and Finish (CMF) lab with specialized equipment that provides a sensory creative space for designers with a varied collection of mood boards and objects for inspiration.



The Ideation Room, Soch (Thought) has been strategically planned to enable cross company collaboration and synergy with key local stakeholders from Samsung R&D centers, marketing and consumer experience teams across India to align on a common vision.


The warm neutral ambience of the Social Lounge, filled with lots of natural light, gives a comfortable café like feel. It has been designed to offer an escape from work as well as provide spontaneous interactions, open communication, and rich collaborations.



Similar to the user centric design process of Samsung, this exemplary studio space of SDD is thoughtfully designed to enable a variety of social interactions and work styles, keeping its designers at the core.


At the other end of the studio is the Open Library which is filled with inspiration in the form of books, Indian artefacts, prototypes and snippets drawn from the design teams’ projects, their wanderings and their collective passions. This space is mindful of sensory stimuli and provides transition zones between working areas to enable designers to recalibrate their senses.


Transparency is maintained in every aspect of this studio space. The meeting rooms are partitioned through a clear glass allowing a seamless work atmosphere.



Each of these rooms have been named in Sanskrit after the key elements of Design: Disha (Direction), Bhaav (Emotion), Satah (Surface), Bindu (Dot), Aakar (Form). Through the studio space, you can see artworks made by SDD designers on the walls.


SDD is one of the largest Samsung Global Design studios alongside ones in London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing, and Sao Paulo. It acts as a gateway to create holistic design solutions with authentic local inspirations to build globally successful products.



Samsung Design Delhi creates a complete product and service experience across smartphones, digital appliances, visual display and wearables. Designers at SDD, continually empathize with and consider customers’ lives as the DNA of their innovation, “Inspired by humans, creating the future”.

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