Samsung Introduces its 2023 Range of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines to Make Your Laundry Day Stress-free  

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Samsung, India’s largest consumer electronics brand, today launched its 2023 range of semi-automatic washing machines that come with new features such as Soft Closing Toughened Glass Lid and Dual Magic Filter. These added features make this latest range an ideal purchase for a seamless laundry experience.


The new line-up introduces design enhancements in two fresh capacity variants – 8 kg and 9 kg – with price ranging between INR 15,000 and INR 18,000. It is available in three premium colour combinations – dark grey & wine, dark grey & ebony black and light grey & ebony black on, Amazon, Flipkart, and across all leading retail stores in the country.


A first from Samsung, the Soft Closing Toughened Glass Lid is designed to close gently, safely, and silently to offer a smooth laundry experience. In this feature, a damper automatically lowers the speed of lid movement, so that there is less risk of accidents.


The new line-up of Samsung’s semi-automatic washing machines is also equipped with Dual Magic Filter that is aimed at addressing the challenge of drainage clogging up. The filters collect lint, fluff and other residual particles that come out of dirty laundry and keep clothes clean and spotless. It is also easy to clean the filters as they open 180.


The new range also comes with Hexa Storm Pulsator that utilizes three rollers and six blades to trigger a powerful and multi-directional water flow, thereby allowing intense washing of clothes while also protecting the fabric from any damage. It also has the Magic Mixer that thoroughly dissolves the detergent in water, thereby minimizing the risk of detergent residue on clothes.

The non-corrosive and rust-proof body of the latest line-up makes the semi-automatic washing machine extremely durable and ensures consumers remain worry-free about the machine getting rusty with long-term use.


Consumers looking to purchase semi-automatic washing machines typically have three key consideration factors – powerful & effective washing while being gentle on their favourite clothes, energy efficiency and aesthetics that enhance the interiors of the home. The newly added features, design and colour options in our latest range cater to these consumer requirements. We are confident the new line-up of the semi-automatic washing machines will improve the product experience for the customers while ensuring energy efficiency’, said Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India. 


The latest range also comes with Rat Protection feature wherein the holes in the plastic base are designed in a manner to prevent rats from getting in and causing damage.


Price, Offers & Warranty

The 8 kg and 9 kg variants of the new line-up will be available at a price between the range of INR 15,000 and 18,000. While buying any of the variant, consumers can avail up to 5% additional cashback.


The new range will be available on, Amazon, and Flipkart and across all leading retail stores in India.


Consumers will get a 5-years warranty on motor and 2-years comprehensive product warranty.


Key Features of 2022 Semi-Automatic Washing Machine:

Soft Closing Toughened Glass Lid

The elegantly designed toughened glass lid makes the machine look stylish, thereby enhancing the interiors of the home. The soft close feature ensures the lid closes gently, safely, and silently to offer a smooth laundry experience. A damper slows down the movement of the lid, reducing the risk of accidents. Moreover, the consumers can even place the laundry basket on top of the lid and easily get laundry items in and out of the tub as it is scratch-resistant.


Dual Magic Filter

To address the challenge of drainage clogging up, the new range of washing machines have Dual Magic Filter that ensures clothes are clean and spotless. Even at low water levels, the filters effectively collect the lint, fluff and other residual particles that come out of dirty laundry and are very easy to clean as they open 180.


Hexa Storm Pulsator

Powered by the Hexa Storm Pulsator, the washing machine has three rollers and six blades that create a powerful, multi directional water flow, to wash clothes without damaging the fabric. The three rollers and two sideboards have a series of ridges to give a gentle scrubbing so that the clothes stay in better condition even after multiple washes.


5 Star Energy Rating

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has awarded this washing machine range its highest “5 star” rating in recognition of its high energy efficiency. It means that while maintaining performance and functionality, it is one of the most energy-efficient washing machines. Due to its low power consumption, it reduces harmful CO2 emissions and also brings down your electricity bills.


Magic Mixer

Armed with yet another interesting feature, Magic Mixer, the washing machine ensures no residual detergent is left on the clothes. To use this feature, consumers have to simply fill the tub with water, add detergent and select the Magic Mixer option on the control panel. The Hexa Storm Pulsator then generates a strong water current that efficiently dissolves the detergent in the water.


Auto Restart

With the Auto Restart feature, the machine resumes the washing process as soon as electricity supply is restored following a power cut. The consumers don’t need to restart the washing machine manually, so there is no delay even if they are away from home.


Rat Protection

Rats can enter through quite small holes and then chew the wiring and insulation, or even get trapped in the drum. So, the holes in the plastic base are designed in a manner to prevent rats from getting in and causing damage.

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