Samsung Launches Three New Refrigerators Featuring Next-Generation AI Inverter Compressor in India

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Revolutionary next-generation AI Inverter Compressor comes with segment-leading 20-year warranty


Samsung, India’s largest consumer electronics brand, today announced the launch of three new refrigerators that ensure smarter living for Indian homes by helping consumers customise their choices. The new refrigerators feature Samsung’s next generation Artificial Intelligence-powered Inverter Compressor. The AI Inverter Compressor, the heart of Samsung’s new refrigerators, transforms the traditional internal design by optimizing motor and energy efficiency while saving electricity costs.


Samsung’s eighth generation compressor brings AI to the fore – marking a revolutionary change from its first compressor introduced 27 years back. The AI Inverter Compressor comes with a segment-leading 20-year warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and energy efficiency.


The new AI refrigerators come in three models – the 809L 4-Door Flex French Door Bespoke Family Hub™ Refrigerator in Clean Charcoal + Stainless Steel colour, and the 650L 4-Door Convertible French Door models’ in Clean White in glass finish and Black Caviar in steel finish.


“Samsung is entering a new era of home appliances with Bespoke AI, offering refrigerators featuring a high-efficiency AI Inverter Compressor that delivers exceptional performance. By utilizing the AI Energy Mode, consumers can achieve energy savings of up to 10%. Samsung remains committed to developing AI Inverter Compressors and associated technologies, ensuring that our refrigerators provide long-lasting reliability and reduced energy consumption,” said Saurabh Baishakhia, Senior Director, Digital Appliances Business, Samsung India.



The AI Inverter Compressor boasts noise levels of less than 35 dB/A during a typical operation, comparable to the tranquillity of a serene library. Unlike traditional fixed-speed compressors, this advanced technology responds promptly to minor fluctuations in temperature. It generates optimal cool air while minimizing energy usage by adaptively modifying the motor velocity based on factors such as surrounding temperature, operational mode, and even temperature shifts resulting from door openings and closings.


Samsung 809L Family Hub™ AI Refrigerator comes with 80 cm Family Hub™ Screen with the innovative “AI Vision Inside” feature, allowing users to effortlessly manage food inventory through internal cameras that can identify 33 food items while AI technology helps in providing recipe suggestions. The 650L Convertible French Door AI refrigerators come with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity through which users can remotely monitor and manage the refrigerator’s settings.


Furthermore, to increase the energy efficiency and durability of the AI Inverter Compressor, Samsung has been continuously researching, developing, and improving the manufacturing process of the internal motor, ball bearings, pistons, valves, and other components. As a result, the AI Inverter Compressor has achieved an internal motor efficiency of over 95 percent. Compared to the previous compressor, the new AI Inverter Compressor’s energy efficiency in the low-speed operation range of 950-1,450rpm (the range in which refrigerators typically operate) has also increased by more than 10 percent. Furthermore, the new AI Inverter Compressor has more than quadrupled the leveraged inertia during the motor’s operation compared to the conventional model.


Prices and Availability

809L 4-Door Flex French Door Bespoke Family Hub™ Refrigerator: Clean Charcoal + Stainless Steel colour: INR 355000

650L 4-Door Convertible French Door refrigerators:

  • Clean White colour in glass finish: INR 188900
  • Black Caviar colour in steel finish: INR 172900

The three new refrigerators are now available on, retail stores, and other e-commerce platforms.

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