Samsung ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ Witnesses Overwhelming Participation by Youth from Mathura Who Want to Solve Environmental Issues Arising Due to Water and Air Pollution

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‘Environment Champion’, the winning team of Youth Track, will receive INR 50 Lakh grant for incubation

The event conducted at GLA University witnessed overwhelming participation from students who presented their ideas

Solve for Tomorrow aims at fostering innovation and addressing societal challenges with a global perspective


Samsung India has hosted a roadshow at GLA University in Mathura where over 100 students demonstrated their intent to participate in Solve for Tomorrow to solve pressing global issues. Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is a national education and innovation competition that aims to encourage a culture of innovative thinking and problem solving amongst the country’s next generation.


The students came forward and expressed their commitment to solving real-world problems such as, water pollution, and poor air quality. They said they require a platform such as Samsung’s ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ that can guide and support them in turning their ideas into action and help transform people’s lives.


Mr. Syed Shahabaz, founder of Surface Moto, an eco-conscious start-up building micro EVs for short distance, motivated the students at the event. He shared his experience of building a transformative innovation in the field of electric mobility. He also encouraged them to think of innovative ideas to solve real-world problems.


Samsung has recently announced its partnership with the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology’s (MeitY’s) Startup Hub and Foundation for Innovation & Technology Transfer (FITT), IIT Delhi, and the United Nations in India for the third season of ‘Solve for Tomorrow’.


This year, the ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ programme introduces two distinct tracks – School Track and Youth Track, each dedicated to championing a specific theme and targeted towards different age groups. Both the tracks will run simultaneously, ensuring equal opportunity and a level playing field for all students.

The School Track, is tailored for students aged 14-17, focusing on the theme “community and inclusion”. The track underscores the importance of uplifting underprivileged groups, improving accessibility to health & social inclusion for all through social innovations and hence ‘Solving for India’.

The Youth Track on the other hand, targets individuals aged 18-22, with a focus on the theme “environment and sustainability”. The track seeks innovative ideas for reducing carbon footprint, protecting the environment & promoting sustainability and hence ‘Solving for the World’.

Youth can apply for Samsung Solve for Tomorrow at starting April 09, 2024, till 5 pm on May 31, 2024.


Samsung Solve for Tomorrow at a Glance


Who can participate: 14-17 year-olds in School Track – individually or in teams of up to 5 members can submit their ideas in the “Community & Inclusion” theme and 18-22 year-olds in Youth Track –individually or in teams of up to 5 members can submit their ideas in the “Environment & Sustainability” theme


Application themes:


“Community & Inclusion”, under School Track, caters to empowering underprivileged groups by improving accessibility to health, improving learning methods and access to education, and ensuring social inclusion for all

“Environment & Sustainability”, under Youth Track, will focus on environment protection, reducing carbon footprints and promoting sustainability


What will they get:

Hands-on training from various industry experts including Samsung, MeitY, IIT-Delhi, and technical support from United Nations in India. In addition, participants will get exclusive mentoring and coaching to build their ideas into prototype, an opportunity to attend a curated innovation walk with focused interactions with Samsung leaders, and milestone-based grants for prototype development and enhancement


School Track: Semi-finalists 10 teams will get INR 20,000 grant for prototype development & Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Finalists 5 teams will get INR 1 Lakh Grant each for prototype enhancement & Samsung Galaxy Watches


Youth Track: Semi-finalists 10 teams will get INR 20,000 grant for prototype development & Samsung Galaxy Laptops. Finalists 5 teams will get INR 1 Lakh grant each for prototype enhancement & Samsung Z Flip Smartphones



What do winners get:


School Track: The Winning Team will be declared as the “Community Champion” of Solve for Tomorrow 2024 and will receive a seed grant of INR 25 Lakh for prototype advancement. The Schools of the winning teams will also receive Samsung Products to boost educational offerings, encouraging a problem-solving mindset.


Youth Track: The Winning Team will be declared as the “Environment Champion” of Solve for Tomorrow 2024 and will receive a grant of INR 50 Lakh for incubation at IIT-Delhi. The colleges of the winning teams also receive Samsung products to boost their educational offerings, encouraging social entrepreneurship.


Where can they apply:


From when: Starting April 09, 2024


Till when: 5 PM IST on May 31, 2024


To find out more and register for the competition in India, visit Application entry closes at 5 pm on May 31, 2024.


First launched in the US in 2010, Solve for Tomorrow is currently operational in 63 countries globally and has seen over 2.3 million young people participate worldwide.


Samsung Electronics’ global CSR vision of ‘Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People’ is committed to providing education to young people around the world to empower the leaders of tomorrow. Read more stories on Samsung Electronics’ CSR efforts on our CSR webpage

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