Samsung Spreading Good Vibes all Around

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We talk to our friends.

We see a rainbow in the sky.

We listen to the birds chirp.

We can read this story.

Just some things that we take for granted every single day.


But spare a thought for those who lack these senses.


Usher Syndrome is a challenge that causes varying degree of deafness and blindness in a person. Something as simple as communication with friends and family is a difficult task for the deafblinds, making their lives challenging- not just for themselves, but also for their caregivers.


Samsung has always believed in meaningful innovations and Good Vibes is an attempt to make our society a more inclusive one.


Good Vibes is an app by Samsung that provides a unique solution to those who suffer from the Usher Syndrome. Using Morse Code through vibrations, they are able to send text messages and communicate with others.


This video is a glimpse into the life of a deafblind person that takes us through her moments of joy, fear, despair, and ultimately hope and happiness again.


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