Season of Magpies at the Samsung Research Institute- Bangalore

on 14-06-2019
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It was last year when Akshay Seth, a young intern from IIM Ranchi joined the Bengaluru R&D campus and selected a project to engage and influence brand recall for all incoming Interns. He curated the branding concept of the Internship programme and named it MAGPIE (Meticulous, Agile, Go-getter, Passionate, Innovative and Enterprising), the traits that are most sought while hiring an intern for SRI-B. Today, he is employed at SRI- Bangalore and is enhancing his project further.


More than 500 bright and young minds from premier engineering institutes have recently joined SRI-B. These Magpies will undergo a rigorous training at the Research Institute for next two months.



“We hire best talent from top engineering colleges and management schools every year as we want the young minds to work with us and leverage their skills in creating technological breakthrough that can enrich the lives of our consumers,” said Sanjeev Prasad, Senior Director and Head of HR, SRI-B.


As part of their internship, the Magpies work on cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, 5G, communication protocols and multimedia among others. The Campus team kick starts the hiring process from May till December every year.



SRI-B has a tailor-made programme curated for the Magpies to acclimatize them with the workflow. An Intern Day is organized where they participate in different activities and get the feel of campus life once again. They interact with senior leadership and are given a chance to select their areas of technical expertise to further hone their skills. They are encouraged to participate in community services, or hobby activities such as photography, badminton, football and others.



Samsung believes in catching the Magpies young and encouraging them to put ideas into action. This helps groom them and bring forward the best talent of the country.

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