Sneak Peek Into The Art World With Samsung Lifestyle TV, The Frame & The Upside Space

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Digital medium is enabling artists to present their art in a more immersive and accessible way. Display technology, including televisions, serves as a great platform for experiencing artistic expression and storytelling.


Recently, as part of the Mumbai Gallery Weekend, the APRE Art House in Mumbai witnessed one such beautiful union of art, technology, and design, wherein Indian artists brought together by The Upside Space, a curator-led NFT platform, showcased their digital art seamlessly on Samsung’s lifestyle TV, The Frame.


The Frame, a TV when it’s on and art when it’s off, has been designed for art enthusiasts to adorn their living spaces with tastefully curated artwork from all around the world, which made it an ideal screen partner for the showcase.


Here are some captivating images from Samsung’s recent collaboration with The Upside Space, co-founded by Lisa Ray, an actor, wellness advocate, writer, and art aficionado, as the screen partner for their digital art display on its lifestyle TV, The Frame:


From canvas to pixels, artists have always embraced innovation to allow their practice to evolve. When it comes to expression through art, the world is changing; the form is changing, but we place creativity at the wheel. “We brought digital artwork to life on The Frame TV thanks to this collaboration,” says Lisa Ray, co-founder of The Upside Space


Celebrity guest like Anaita Shroff Adajania, along with Sheetal Mallar and Kersi Khambatta, posing after experiencing NFT artworks on The Frame TV


Experience ‘Scraped Together A Small Square of Dust’ by Yasir Waqas on 43-inch The Frame TV, where he brings forth the underlying factors of society based on a false utopia fabricated and expressed through layers and delicate imagery representing transition and transcendence


Lisa Ray gave a walkthrough of the exhibition along with the curator while describing the theme of the art gallery, “Futur Proche.”


Art enthusiasts can enjoy the experience of Manjot Kaur’s Alpha Canis Majoris, in which she showcases a portion of an extended artwork consisting of four editions of the work, one of which exists as an NFT


A glimpse of the Apre Art Gallery with a 55-inch The Frame TV displaying the NFT artwork by Indian artists


Art students and connoisseurs sink a portfolio of artists onto the matte display of the Frame, allowing them to feel the texture of the video artwork and understanding the endless possibilities with ‘digital’ as a medium


Visual artists such as Santanu Hazarika and screenwriter Atika Chouhan attended the Mumbai Gallery Weekend to experience the NFT on The Frame TV



Global art enthusiasts and Parmesh Shahani discussing the intriguing NFT artwork on ‘Alpha Canis Majoris’ theme, displayed on The Frame TV


Lisa Ray and guests witnessing the rise of new art makers at the APRE Art House and the use of TV as the medium to showcase the art


Lisa Ray and art enthusiasts adorning the spell-binding video on The Frame TV


Sayali Mundye, the curator of Futur Proche giving a walkthrough to digital artists about NFT on The Frame TV

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