Solve For Tomorrow Season 2: Team Stemly is Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM Jobs with Their Innovative Solution

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Team Stemly is the solo endeavor of Yash Yadav from Nagpur, Maharashtra. A socially conscious youngster, Yash, seeks to tackle the stereotypes and gender bias in STEM sciences. He is working to reduce the gender gap and expose more women to opportunities in STEM with his conversational AI under the ‘Education and Learning’ theme of Solve For Tomorrow season 2.


According to the UNESCO Science Report 2021, women accounted for less than 33 STEM researchers and 28 tertiary graduates in 2018. Yash believes that these numbers can be changed for the better by empowering women through personalized conversational AI and socio-psychological interventions.


His proposed AI solution will use natural language processing and AI techniques integrated with positive reinforcement by sharing the experiences of leading women in STEM, providing updates on recent advancements, offering mentorship, and learning opportunities, delivering encouraging messages, and connecting users with STEM specialists.


Furthermore, this AI will integrate data from user inputs, along with their academic performance, teacher evaluations, sentiment analysis, and self-surveys, to personalize their ongoing positive interventions. Currently, team Stemly is on course to build their innovative AI into an actionable product under the guidance of FITT, IIT Delhi professors, and Samsung experts.

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