Solve For Tomorrow Season 2: Team TouchPad from Chennai Wants to Empower the Visually Impaired with Their Tactile Display Device

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Malathi M, C Ganesh Ram, and Vishwa Kumaresh from Chennai, Tamil Nadu together make team TouchPad. The team is developing a tactile display pad with an electromagnet-based mechanism that can convert images and texts into Braille in real-time.


Together, the team is working toward catering to the visually impaired and making them feel socially included. Their goal is to develop a cost-effective, user-friendly, and portable tactile display that can seamlessly integrate into daily life. They are developing a solution via a tactile display pad that will enable the blind to read just by touching the screen. It can convert written text and natural language into touchable patterns or raised characters Using a Machine Learning algorithm. They plan to control this device via an app that will have several features, such as taking an image of a text and converting it to Braille. They also wish to make the tactile display pad affordable and widely accessible.


With this innovative solution, the team wants to significantly improve communication, education, and employment opportunities for the blind community. They wish to enable the visually impaired to independently access information, interact with digital content, and participate in various life aspects. The electric Braille device promotes autonomy, self-confidence and fosters greater social integration and equality, fostering an inclusive and empathetic society.







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