SRI-B Engineers Contribute to Book on AI in Wireless for Beyond 5G Networks

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[L_R] Sharan Kumar Allur, Madhan Raj K, Ashok Kumar Reddy C, Mohan Rao GNS, Mahentesh Kothiwale, Dr. Sukhdeep Singh

Samsung researchers collaborated with experts from the UK, US, and India to author and edit a book on “AI in Wireless for Beyond 5G Networks”. The book was unveiled at the Innovate AI event hosted by IEEE ComSoc Bangalore.


Published by Taylor and Francis UK, the book provides a detailed overview of the application of AI in wireless communications for B5G networks. The authors, utilizing their extensive expertise, delve into the latest AI technologies and their applications in B5G wireless communication systems. The topics covered include AI technologies, architecture, and applications in smartphones, radio access networks (RANs), edge and core networks, and by application service providers, as well as trends in on-device AI for B5G networks. Written in an accessible manner, the book serves as a valuable resource for academics, researchers, and industry professionals in wireless communication, offering insights into current trends, developments, and practical applications of AI technologies in the field.


Three editors from Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore (SRI-B) — CVP & Chief Technology Officer, Mohan Rao Goli, Dr. Sukhdeep Singh from the Networks Team and Madhan Raj Kanagarathinam from Communication Services Team — along with three other contributors from the USA and UK, came together to publish this book, in which five chapters have been authored by engineers from SRI-B.


“I am thrilled to present our work that explores the intersection of AI and telecommunications. This book represents a collaborative effort, providing a comprehensive exploration from diverse perspectives. It’s designed to simplify complex concepts and inspire innovation across the telecommunications spectrum from end-to-end perspective of AI. I look forward to engaging with our readers and stakeholders in this exciting field, and am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing discourse”,
said Mohan Rao, CVP & Chief Technology Officer, SRI-B.


The book launch event, “INNOVATEAI: Crafting the Future of Intelligent Wireless in the 5G Era,” organized by the IEEE ComSoc Bangalore in conjunction with SRI-B, was held at Reva University, Bangalore and saw participation from eminent figures from academia and the industry.



The event featured keynotes and panel discussions with notable participants, including a keynote by Mohan Rao (CVP and CTO, SRI-B), Anindya Saha (Chiar, IEEE ComSoc Bangalore Chapter), Gnanapriya C (Associate VP and CMT , Infosys), and Mahantesh Kothiwale (Director, SRI-B). The panel discussion included members from different areas of telecom, including Suresh Chitturi (Senior Director, SRI-B), Subodh Gajare (Principal Architect, Cisco), Gnanapriya C (Associate VP and CMT , Infosys), Sharan Kumar Allur (Director, SRI-B) and Deepanshu Gautam (Architect, SRI-B).


While discussing the book release at the event, Dr. Sukhdeep Singh mentioned, “As an author and editor dedicated to the advancement of B5G network technologies, I am proud to introduce our latest contribution to the field, exploring the integral role of AI in shaping the future of wireless communications. I am excited to share our findings and insights with the community and foster a dialogue that will drive forward next-generation telecommunications.”


Adding to the conversation, Madhan Raj stated, “This book is the result of a collaborative effort among leading experts from various sectors, designed to offer a holistic view of the current trends, challenges, and innovative solutions in integrating AI with B5G networks. It aims to bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical application.”


The book is distinctive in providing a comprehensive perspective on AI in Wireless from an end-to-end viewpoint, demonstrating Samsung’s forward-thinking and superior research capabilities.

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