SRI-Delhi Organizes its First Information Security Week, Fosters Security-first Mindset among Employees

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As Samsung India continues to embrace cutting-edge technologies and interconnected systems, it has become increasingly important to ensure the protection of our valuable data. With this in mind, Samsung R&D Institute – Delhi hosted its first Information Security Week from 18 to 20 July 2023 – a dynamic event dedicated to fostering a security-first mindset among our employees.


This was a unique initiative designed to raise awareness about the ever-evolving cyber threats and equip SRI-Delhi employees with the knowledge, tools and best practices to defend against them through gamification. The three-day event featured a series of engaging activities, including awareness campaigns, quizzes, simulation drills, workshops and interactive sessions with industry experts.


Highlight of Day 1 was the Cyber Warrior contest that unveiled the Cyber Battlefield among SRI-Delhi security enthusiasts in teams of two. They analyzed and presented Information Security risks and possible mitigations from two simulated case studies that described escalating security incidents in business operations. The contest showcased to the participants the evolving threat landscape, dissecting cyber incidents and deliberating best ways to ward off imminent risks. Top two teams were awarded exciting prizes.



Day 2 featured a session on Social Media security awareness and protection against cyber-crimes by Industry Expert from Ernst & Young, India. More than 200 employees attended the virtual session, which deep dived into cyber-crime proliferation using social media, prevention mechanisms, reporting of cyber-crimes and best practices for cyber safe usage of social media. The session helped unlock the secrets of social media security and gave the participants valuable insights to safeguard their digital identities.


The marquee event of Day 3 was an interactive knowledge-sharing session by Cyber Security Experts from Ernst & Young, India. These industry trailblazers gave key insights into the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape with real world case studies, tools to reinforce cyber security practices in our business and techniques to bolster our cyber resilience. The track on “DevSecOps: Accelerating with Security” explored the transformative DevSecOps approach that combines development, security and operations into a seamless pipeline. The event culminated with a session on Generative AI and its game changing potential for a technology company like ours, security risks and best practices to harness the potential of Generative AI responsibly and securely.


The event witnessed great zeal and enthusiasm from employees. SRI-Delhi Managing Director Mr. Moonsoo Kim said, “This is the first Information Security Week in SRI-Delhi history. I’m sure it will help our people to be more aware and responsible about information security at SRI-Delhi and adopt best practices in their day-to-day work.”


The three power-packed days also saw enthusiastic participation from employees in Security Quizzes and Spot the Security Violation Contest with exciting prizes for the winners. Spear Phishing Simulation Drill was conducted to test phishing detection skills, thereby educating employees to outwit deceptive cyber bait. Daily security myth busters unraveled common misconceptions among employees and debunked security myths that hamper overall security efforts. Thematic awareness snippets on Security FAQs, tools, Malware protection and secure remote work practices reinforced information security know-how among the employees.


Information Security is not a one-time endeavor, rather a continuous journey. We pledge to carry the spirit of the week forward by being the torch bearers of Information Security and applying the lessons learnt. Let’s stay vigilant, secure and remember, when it comes to Information Security, we are all in this together.

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