Team Hackvengers from Solve for Tomorrow Season 2 Seeks to Empower the Hearing Impaired with their Sign Language Interpreter

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Team Hackvengers from Solve for Tomorrow Season 2 is the brainchild of Patel Aditi Mukeshkumar, Varun Thummar and Amit Gohel from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Together, they seek to address the communication barriers faced by the deaf and hard of hearing and work toward their inclusion in the mainstream under the ‘Healthcare and Wellness’ theme of the national innovation and education competition.


To achieve their goal, they have conceptualized a Sign Language Interpretation Device that will allow the hearing impaired to communicate with the broader community effectively. This device will be equipped with a machine-learning model trained on an extensive database of sign languages. Furthermore, the device will feature real-time gesture recognition and analysis to enable precise translation of the intended message.


Team Hackvengers believes that their innovation has the potential to bridge the communication barriers, promote inclusivity, and enhance social interaction of the hearing impaired to create a more equitable society. Aditi shares the team’s overall aim and expectations with Solve For Tomorrow, saying, “We want to bring our idea into reality and learn how to market it with Solve For Tomorrow. In the future, we wish to empower as many people as possible with our innovations and start an innovation hub.”


Currently, the team is refining their project into a market-ready product under the esteemed guidance of FITT, IIT Delhi experts, and Samsung professionals. Catch a glimpse of team Hackvengers amid their innovative quest at Solve For Tomorrow season 2 below.


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