Team NIT Surat from Solve For Tomorrow Season 2 is Determined to Redefine Beach Cleanliness with their Automated Robot  

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Hailing from the Surat, Gujrat, Team NIT Surat comprises Aditi Tapariya, Harshil Mistry, and Vaibhav Gupta. Their innovative quest is to address the accumulation of harmful waste on beaches and its impact on the environment and marine ecosystems under ‘Environment and Sustainability’ theme of Solve for Tomorrow season 2.


As per the team, conventional collection systems for beach cleaning are inadequate and inefficient, often lacking effective waste segregation methods which hinders proper efforts. To tackle this issue, Team NIT Surat has conceptualized an automated beach-cleaning robot.


This programmable robot will be equipped with optimum sensors that can detect, identify, and segregate different kinds of waste materials based on their recyclability. Furthermore, the robot will be capable of traversing difficult terrains and autonomously navigate through a specified area at regular intervals.


Team NIT Surat believes that categorical segregation and proper disposal of waste materials will not only positively impact the environment but will also boost tourist attraction to the beaches.


Elaborating on their innovation and sharing the team’s goal with Solve For Tomorrow, Vaibhav says, “With Solve For Tomorrow, we wish to learn more about innovation and connect with tech leaders and experts. Our focus right now is to refine our product and bring it to reality under the guidance of experts from IIT, Delhi and Samsung.”





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