The Future of Display: A First Look at Samsung’s 146-inch Modular TV, ‘The Wall’

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Just ahead of CES 2018, Samsung Electronics debuted its new 146-inch modular TV, The Wall, at a product unveiling on January 7 at the Enclave event venue in Las Vegas.


The world’s first modular TV for consumers, The Wall is a MicroLED TV that features self-emitting technology as well as a bezel-less, modular-based structure that can be customized to fit into any home environment.


JH Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, hosted the event, and explained in his opening remarks that the introduction of the company’s breakthrough display and its features is a first step to bring to life Samsung’s vision to make screens “the center of everyday life.”


Nevertheless, as Dave Das, Senior Vice President at Samsung Electronics America, noted, The Wall and its enhancements in picture quality and design are only one example of how Samsung is working “to redefine the possibilities of television, and let you do what you couldn’t do before.” Other innovations include Samsung’s new artificial intelligence (AI) technology for 8K content and improved Smart TV features, which were also showcased at the event.




MicroLED Technology for an Unprecedented TV Experience

Made possible by Samsung’s advancements in semiconductor processing techniques and LED technology, the pixel LED modules of The Wall’s self-emitting technology are smaller than ever before, and each chip incorporates RGB color. As a result, The Wall’s self-emitting technology removes the need for color filters altogether and is able to deliver up to 2000 nits of peak brightness, brighter white hues, darker black shades and the truest natural colors.


Additionally, its bezel-less design enables the individual modules of The Wall to fit together seamlessly, removing limitations to screen size and making it difficult to tell where the screen ends and the wall begins.



Event attendees eagerly await the unveiling of Samsung’s breakthrough TV, The Wall.


“Screens should not be limited by size or space. Instead, they should be able to blend into any home,” said Han, referring to Samsung’s vision for the future of displays.


The Wall is debuted on the First Look stage.


With its bezel-less modular design, consumers can build their TV to reach over 100 inches, extending the screen size to larger-than-life levels.



Because the pixels of Samsung’s MicroLED modules (right) are much smaller than those of conventional LED displays (left), they’re able to provide a much more vivid and detailed picture.



A Smarter and More Advanced Technology for the Future Display

The Wall offers superlative picture quality and can be extended to just about any size or shape. But to complete the viewing experience, it also needs high-resolution content. That’s why Samsung’s 85-inch 2018 QLED TV is equipped with AI technology which transforms all pictures into 8K high-quality content by adjusting the algorithm in the display based on a user’s prior experiences.


At the event, participants were also able to experience the latest TV technologies such as Samsung’s HDR 10+ platform, the enhanced smart features and HDR gaming capabilities.


Samsung’s 8K QLED TVs feature image-upscaling AI technology that makes pictures appear more detailed and vibrant than they would on a 4K display.


Samsung’s new TV lineup enhances the gaming experience by offering optimum low input lag and incredibly fast frame rate conversions.


Now accessible on the Smart TV platform, Samsung SmartThings will enable users to automatically detect and connect their Samsung smart products and hundreds of other devices to create a truly integrated home experience.


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