[The Samsung Members Show] Food Photography: From Platter to Post

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Dalgona Coffee by Samsung Member Sharanya


From the perfectly whipped Dalgona coffee to Mother’s special Dal Makhani, people have been capturing the taste of their homes and posting them on social media. But what is it that makes a picture drool-worthy?


Three Samsung Members, who’ve kind of perfected the art of Food Photography join us from three different corners of India to help us decode.


Lighting is your true friend in bringing out the rich colour and texture of food.


“It’s all about the lighting,” says young Samsung Member Akshit Kamra. With some initial struggle, our photographer from Bengaluru cracked the code to capture perfect pictures even in dimly lit spaces. “I started using the Food Mode on my Galaxy S20. To behonest, the phone pretty much does the job for you,” he says.


Multiple Angles

The right angles can really turn a picture around. Experimenting with angles is the best practice to capture the food on your plate in all its glory. While an overview is perfect for a freshly baked pizza, cheese dripping from a burger is captured better froma side angle. Samsung Member Akath Singh Dua from Ludhiana prefers taking close up shots as it helps highlight the details in the pictures.


Minimizing Clutter

25-year-old Ramdas S Pai from Kanhangad in Kerala believes in simplicity when it comes to food photography. Busy backgrounds can shift the focus of the picture from food to unnecessary clutter. Focus and composition become crucial in making the food in thepicture come alive. “I keep my frames simple to convey the beauty of food in minimalism,” he says.




[24-year-old Akshit Kamra is from Delhi and has been a Samsung Member for the past the two years. 26-year-old Akath Singh Dua from Ludhiana has been a Samsung Member for four years while Dr Ramdas S Pai, 25, from Kanhangad, Kerala has been a Samsung Member for three years. Register on Samsung Members app on your Galaxy smartphone to join the community]

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