[The Samsung Members Show] Tips to Get the Perfect Low-Light Shot

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Low-light photography can be challenging for most of us. But #withGalaxy and its amazing camera innovations in play, great low-light shots are not far away.


Samsung Newsroom India spoke to some Samsung Members who shared nifty tips on capturing great low-light photos using a Galaxy smartphone.


Photo: Samsung Member Dr Ramdas Pai  #withGalaxy


“I’ve been using Galaxy smartphones for the past four years. In low-light photography, the Variable Aperture technology helps a lot,” says Akath Dua, a Samsung Member and Galaxy Note10+ user.


A dentist by profession and a photography enthusiast, Dr Ramdas Pai has been a Samsung Member for three years and swears by his Galaxy smartphones for photography.


Photo: Samsung Member Dr Ramdas Pai  #withGalaxy


Here are some of the tips shared by our Samsung Members for low-light photography:



Keep a Steady Base


Photo: Samsung Member Dr Ramdas Pai  #withGalaxy


While shooting in a low-light situation, the shutter speed slows down to allow light to pass through the aperture for a longer duration. Movements or shaky hands can result in a blurry image. “Try keeping your phone on a stable surface or use a tripod to eliminate blur in your images,” says Dr Pai.


Photo: Samsung Member Dr Ramdas Pai  #withGalaxy



Use Night Mode


Photo: Samsung Member Akath Dua  #withGalaxy


The Night Mode on Galaxy smartphones help improve the overall image quality by calibrating shadows and highlights and by reducing noise. “Night mode helps in bringing out the colours and details in my photos when the light is dim. Some of my best shots have been with this mode,” said Akath Dua.


Photo: Samsung Member Akath Dua  #withGalaxy


Use the Pro Mode


Photo: Samsung Member Jasleen Singh  #withGalaxy


In the pro mode in the camera app, users can tweak the settings as per their preference. Shutter speed, aperture, ISO can all be adjusted to best suit the photographer, which gives greater control to the user. According to Samsung Member Jasleen Singh – also known as Mr Geek – Galaxy smartphones have the best image sensors for fantastic shots.


Photo: Samsung Member Jasleen Singh #withGalaxy

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