[The Samsung Members Show] Unmatched Gaming Experience with Game Booster

on 30-04-2020
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The rush of cars and those precise sniper shots, building empires on unknown shores or curating your own little farm – modern day gaming is all about incredible graphics, high speed, brilliant clarity and great sound. Combined together, these features extract the most from your smartphone.


You would be a happy Gamer with a Galaxy though! To tell you why, we caught up with a few gaming enthusiasts from our Samsung Members community.


Samsung’s propriety Game Booster feature has revolutionized how Galaxy smartphones perform and has been a game-changer feature for our avid gamers.
“I have played games on various devices,” says Nishit Mehta. “But trust me, when I first played games using Game Booster on my Galaxy Note 10+, it was nothing like anything I ever experienced on a smartphone,” he adds.  


Nishit Mehta: Game Booster is a different experience altogether


The Game Booster’s job is a simple one – look after the battery life and prevent the device from heating. That’s precisely what the gamers want. “From the time I’ve started using Game Booster, it’s been a very stable experience in terms of performance with less heating,” says Darshan Jaiswal. 


According to these avid gamers, millennials love graphic intensive elements and the Game Booster simply revolutionizes the experience for these games. 21-year old Sagar Agarwal – a hardcore gamer – says he loves first-person shooter gamers and feels that even ‘the slightest slowdown in performance kills all the fun’. “With Game Booster, I have not felt any kind of lag,” he says. “And the best part – I concentrate only on my game while the Game Booster blocks any incoming calls and other notifications!”


Sagar Agarwal : Game Booster revolutionizes the experience


There is consensus in the Samsung Members community about the Game Booster feature –  it has been ‘the innovation’ for those who love gaming. Game Booster has not only improved battery life by upto 20% (during gaming), it also gives superior performance (high frame rate and stability) and the experience of realistic Dolby Atmos sound on Galaxy smartphones.


[Nishit Mehta from Mumbai is a Diamond Merchant and has been a Samsung Member for the past three and a half years. Sagar Agarwal is from New Delhi and a student of Computer Application. He has been a Samsung Member for almost two years. Cinematographer and Photographer Darshan Agarwal from Baroda is a Samsung Member for over a year.]

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