[The Samsung Members Show] Why India’s Hypertaskers Swear by Galaxy’s Alive Intelligence

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The Samsung Members app keeps buzzing with photographs, tech trivia, and testimonials throughout the day. Our favourite moments are those where the members tell us how our meaningful innovations have enriched their lives. For instance, Shahzad Baig, a 22-year-old who lives in Hyderabad, shared his experience with us through the Samsung Members app.  Proud owner of a Galaxy A51, Shahzad says, “I feel that my phone has been tailor-made for me. The Alive Intelligence features are a perfect fit for me.”


This is precisely why at Samsung, we Make for India– to give the Samsung Community a “perfect fit” experience. The Alive Intelligence features are a part of Samsung’s latest Make for India innovations. Since one size never fits all, we do extensive consumer research to find out the unique problems faced by consumers in India. Based on our findings, we customize solutions through meaningful innovation.


To solve the specific problems faced by India’s smartphone users, we came up with Alive Intelligence. These are four features – Useful Cards, Multilingual Typing, Finder and Smart Crop – made for India’s hypertaskers. While ordering food, typing, sorting texts, or sharing screenshots – these features help them cut to the chase. Samsung Member Shahzad Baig shares how:


Samsung Member Shahzad Baig with his Galaxy

No app hopping required

Finder uses AI to save the time you would otherwise have to spend navigating through several apps and comparing options. If you wants to eat pav bhaji, just write ‘Pav Bhaji’ in Finder and it will tell you which app will get the best pav bhaji at the best price fastest.


Living alone in Hyderabad, Shahzad shuttles between college and a part-time job. “I never have the luxury of time. So, the Finder is my hero. I do not have to go through multiple apps to find what I need. Food, books, clothes, streaming options – I just enter what I want in the Finder, and it gives me the best option across apps,” he says.


The phone knows local lingo

Telugu, Hindi, and English are the three languages that Shahzad speaks. “I text in a mix of three languages. Multilingual Typing makes it very easy. Based on the context, my phone can guess the words I want to use – even in Hindi and Telugu,” he shares. The smartphone uses AI to grasp which local languages the user types/texts in and makes predictions accordingly.



All texts automatically sorted

The Useful Cards feature organizes all messages into neat folders. Shahzad explains how it saves him a massive amount of time. He says, “I get a deluge of texts every day. Sifting through them to find relevant ones can be a bit of a task. But my phone categorizes them, so I can find ticket confirmation texts, discount vouchers, and even university updates readily.”

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Screenshots are not messy

The Smart Crop feature detects the hero part of a screenshot and crops accordingly. Shahzad says, “We tend to share/save screenshots throughout the day. I am a little bit of a neatness freak. Before Galaxy A51, I would spend time cropping each screenshot to remove unwanted elements. Now, the phone intuitively does that for me.”


The delighted Samsung Member adds, “My favourite part about the Alive Intelligence is affordability. This feature has introduced AI in phones that people in my age group can afford. It shows that Samsung cares.”


[Shahzad Baig is a student in Hyderabad and has been a Samsung loyalist for nine years. Register on Samsung Members app on your Galaxy smartphone and join the community]


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