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Tips for Cooking Delicious Meals With Samsung Chef Collection Oven

on 17-07-2016

Tips for Cooking Delicious Meals With Samsung Chef Collection Oven


Some might argue that an artist is only as good as his tools. If that is true, then Samsung is helping turn every day home cooks into culinary master chefs with its Chef Collection of kitchen appliances. One of the most advanced sets of kitchen appliances on the market, each piece is as technologically advanced as it is elegantly beautiful. One of the stand-out pieces within the set is the Chef Collection oven with Gourmet Vapor Technology™. Here are some tips for making delicious meals to share with family and friends.


Bake Better Bread


Everyone knows that texture plays an important role in the taste of a dish. Overcooking results in dry, tough and rubbery texture. The Gourmet Vapor Technology™ helps maintain the best moisture control. The first ovens used a conventional stationary heat source, usually radiating from the top of the oven. Next came convection ovens that circulated heat, using a fan in the back of the oven. Samsung is the first company to launch Gourmet Vapor Technology™ in household ovens. It distributes steam from seven different holes in the cavity ensuring optimal texture and taste. It also cooks more quickly, evenly and smoothly. Bread baked in the Chef Collection oven reaches the desired browning of the crust 33% faster than traditional convection ovens. The crust is half as thick, making it crispier. The loaf of bread itself is lighter and fluffier than bread baked in conventional convection ovens. Bake perfect, bakery-worthy baguettes in no time.


Juicy Chicken in Less Time


With the Gourmet Vapor Technology™ home cooks can create the best tasting roast chicken while reducing overall cooking time. And the built-in meat probe ensures proper internal temperature of meats is reached, every time. The temperature is displayed digitally on the front color LCD touchscreen, eliminating the need to constantly check, probe and cut meat. This also means the cooking temperature of the oven remains consistent if the door is not opened repeatedly.


Tips for Cooking Delicious Meals With Samsung Chef Collection Oven


Keep Food Warm Until the Whole Party Arrives


Speaking of dinner parties, someone always arrives a little late. And while your guests get antsy, your culinary creations get cold and lose their luster. With Chef Collection Warming Drawer, make sure all dishes stay the perfect temperature until you’re ready to serve, like you just took it out of the oven. You can also use the warmer drawer to keep dessert warm while you serve entrees and sides. It’s perfect for restaurant-like meal service, right in your home.


Create Creamy Meringue, Like a Michelin Chef


With Chef Collection oven’s Wi-Fi functionality, you can download recipes from your favorite Michelin starred chefs to your smart device. Find the recipe you want to try and follow the easy step-by-step directions. Use Smarter Control to monitor cooking mode, cooking time and temperature. Get notifications when preheating is finished, when cooking time is complete and internal meat temperatures. You can remotely check and change settings and even turn the oven off. With downloadable recipes, take the leap from home cook to master chef.


Get It Right the First Time, Every Time


The Chef Collection oven comes with 80 pre-set auto recipes. Simply choose the dish, and clear instructions on the color LCD touchscreen display ensure the most optimal oven settings for the best results every time. Automated settings and useful information help you elevate your culinary skills and help you cook like a professional.


Just like with all of Samsung’s products, design is just as important as the technology. The Chef Collection oven is sleek and fits into any existing kitchen décor. Its beautiful design and its advanced Gourmet Vapor Technology™, inspired by professional chefs, help make all home cooks feel like professionals.

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