[Watch] Team Think: We were Able to Develop a Better Product Because of our Bootcamp Learnings

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Over 380 million people in India depend on occupations that expose them to extreme heat. Keenly aware of the health risks these lives face amid rising heat waves, Team Think began conceptualizing Kavach, a lightweight and cost-effective vest that regulates body temperature to address this issue.


Mukkabir Rahman, Ankush Yadav, and Varsha K J from Golaghat, Assam, have spent their journey at Solve For Tomorrow season 2 developing their project with sheer determination and focus.


Here’s a brief glance at their journey from the top 30 teams to the top 10 finalists at the national innovation competition.


Experience at the IIT Delhi Bootcamp

The bootcamp phase at Solve For Tomorrow helped its participants learn about the fundamentals of Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship to enable them to design a market-oriented product and develop a business model around it. Sharing the learnings and experience at the IIT Delhi bootcamp, the team says, “We got the chance to meet different industry experts, learn about their experience and gather their thoughts on our product. We also learned about product development and marketing.”


Utilizing Learnings to Develop a Prototype

The IIT Delhi bootcamp turned out to be a boon regarding many issues the team was facing with their idea. Talking about decluttering and refining their project through the newfound knowledge, the trio said, “Earlier, we only had an idea, but now we have developed a functional prototype. We were able to develop a better product because of our bootcamp learnings.”


Plans for the Final Pitch

Team Think has already developed a functional prototype of their idea and is confident that their passion and their project will help them win Solve For Tomorrow season 2. Filled with enthusiasm, the trio said, “We are confident in our product and the problem we are trying to solve. We believe that we can greatly improve the lives of people with our product. We will win because we are passionate about it.”


Witness the trio’s infectious passion in the video below.

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