[What’s Cooking] A Bowl Full of Good Health with Mix Vegetables Soup

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Our recipes have always been about good time with loved ones over good food.  But this Friday, we bring to you a recipe that is not just about good time but also good health of your loved ones.

It’s a simple bowl of Mix Vegetables Soup– the soup for the soul. With just a little bit of help with your Samsung microwave ovens, make this super delicious soup and savor every spoonful of good health.

Check out the recipe:

Cooking Time: 22 minutes| Serving: 400 grams -500grams


Carrots: 1 medium chopped
Cauliflower: 50 grams
Onions: 2 tablespoons
Green peas: 1/4th cup
Butter: 1 tablespoon
Milk: 1 cup
Salt & Pepper: as per your taste
Water: 1 cup

Cooking Method

1. Press the Indian Cooking Button
2. Select the category of food by turning the Multi-Function Selector Dial
3. ln microwave safe glass bowl, add 1 cup of water, chopped carrot & cauliflower and green peas
4. When the microwave beeps, grind the stalk
5. In another microwave safe glass bowl, mix butter, chopped onions, stalk, salt and pepper
6. Mix well and press START
7. Serve hot


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