[What’s Cooking] Enjoy a Bowl Full of Flavours with Butter Chicken This Weekend

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The winter chill is here and its time to indulge in something that warms your body, mind and soul in the very first bite. Tangy, buttery and melt-in-your-mouth soft, this famous dish is can now be found in street-side dhabhas as you drive down to northern state of Punjab that has mastered the art of making this recipe.


So without any further ado, put your hands together It’s none other than the classic Butter Chicken.


Enjoyed best with both steamed rice and flatbreads, this dish is popular across the world and can now be cooked easily in your Samsung Smart Oven.


Check out the recipe:

Cooking Time: 21 minutes | Serving: 500-550 grams



Boneless chicken: 400 grams

Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon n

Kashmiri red chilli powder: 1 teaspoon

Butter: 4 tablespoon

Ginger garlic paste: 2 tablespoon

Garam Masala: 1 teaspoon

Yogurt: ½ cup

Dried fenugreek leaves: 1 teaspoon

Mustard oil: 2 teaspoon

Fried onion paste: 1 cup

Tomato puree: ½ cup

Chopped coriander: 1 tablespoon

Fresh cream: ½ cup

Orange food color: 1 pinch

Sugar: As per taste

Salt: As per taste


Cooking Method


  1. Marinate chicken with yogurt, oil, lemon juice, ginger garlic paste and place it in th refrigerator for one hour
  2. In a microwave safe glass bowl, add butter, onion paste, chicken and cook
  3. When the microwave beeps, add all other ingredients, mix it well.
  4. Cover it and press START.
  5. Once the microwave beeps, transfer it to a bowl
  6. Garnish and serve hot

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