[What’s Cooking] Nourish Your Health with Some Goodness of Baked Vegetables

on 17-07-2020
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The weekend is here and it’s all about having good fun with loved ones while enjoying some delish food. But keeping the nutrition value of vegetables in mind, we have decided to go big on them this weekend.


The fun part is that our veggies won’t be cooked the usual way. In fact, taking the health quotient notches up, we will bake our lovely greens and the vibrant reds and yellows!


No prizes for guessing! This Friday, we tell you how to make baked vegetables in your Samsung Smart Oven. Best enjoyed with a bed of butter garlic rice or mashed potatoes, these are super delicious and super healthy.


Check out the recipe here:

Cooking Time: 22 minutes | Serving: 350-400 grams



Half boiled vegetables: 300 grams (cut carrots, cauliflower, bell peppers French beans, sweet corns and  green peas into small pieces)

Plain flour: 2 tablespoon

Butter: 2 tablespoon

Milk: 2 cups

Water: ½ cup

Grated cheese: 5 tablespoon

Salt: as per your taste

Sugar: as per your taste

Pepper: as per your taste


Cooking Method:


1.    In a microwave safe glass dish, take butter, vegetables, plain flour, milk, water, salt, sugar and pepper and mix well and cook


2.    When the microwave beeps, mix it well again and spread the grated cheese on it well


3.    Keep the dish on high rack and press start


4.    Serve hot


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