[What’s Cooking] Relish the Taste of Homemade Kalakand this Weekend

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Craving for something meetha and in  the mood to try something new in your kitchen? There are some dishes that don’t need any special occasion to make. You just make them  at any time on any given day. So this weekend, we thought why not share the recipe of one such Indian dessert—Kalakand.


This classic dessert is quite a favorite amongst people during festivals. But who needs a festival to sooth your sweet cravings, right?  The best part is that this fancy milk cake can be easily prepared in your own Samsung microwaves.


Check out the recipe:

Cooking Time: 13 minutes | Serving: 450-500 grams


Grated Paneer: 300 grams
Condensed milk: 200 grams
Milk powder: 3 tablespoon
Corn flour: 1 ½ tablespoon
Cardamom powder: 1 teaspoon
Almond (Chopped): as per your taste


Cooking Method

1. In microwave safe glass bowl, take grated paneer, condensed milk, milk powder, corn flour, cardamom powder.
2. Mix all the ingredients well and cook
3. Once the microwave beeps, stir well and press START/+30s
4. When the microwave beeps again, garnish the dessert with chopped almonds.
5. Let the dessert cool down. Once set, cut them into pieces and serve


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