[What’s Cooking] Walk Down the Memory Lane in the Warmth of Gajar Ka Halwa this Weekend

on 04-12-2020
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This Friday your Samsung Smart Oven recipe is all about nostalgia. A dish that brings back childhood memories of the entire family together while satiating the sweet cravings in winters, it has been a favourite across all age groups. Well, it’s none other than the gorgeous Gajar ka Halwa.

So this weekend,  grate some carrots, buy some extra milk  and recreate the magic of Gajar ka Halwa in in your Samsung Smart Oven. Check out the recipe here.


Cooking Time: 34 minutes| Serving: 900-1000 grams


Grated carrots: 1 kg
Milk: 100 grams
Khoya: 50 grams
Sugar: 100 grams
Milk powder: 50 grams
Cardamom powder: 1 teaspoon
Almonds and raisins: 2 tablespoon

Cooking Method

1. Press the Hot Blast Auto Button
2. Select the type of food that you are cooking by turning the Multi-Function Selector Dial
3. In microwave safe glass bowl, add grated carrots, milk, khoya, milk powder and mix it well. Put it in microwave oven and press START/+30s button
4. When the microwave beeps, stir well and add sugar, cardamom powder and mix it well. Press the START/+30s button again
5. After cooking, garnish it with almonds and raisins
6. Serve hot or cold

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