Work From Home, Study From Home with Samsung Smart TV

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When you are not watching your favourite movie or show, the television usually is just a black box on the wall. Samsung has transformed televisions to be much more. You can use Samsung Smart TVs in more ways than one – to get that big screen experience when working from home, or to study from home, and even turn it into a music system.


Samsung’s latest range of Smart TVs are revolutionizing TV viewing even further. A perfect amalgamation of technology, aesthetics and functionality, the Smart TV range is designed for millennials and consumers of online content. Not only do they deliver unparalleled viewing experience with sharper and crisper images, but are also high on productivity features.


Discover hidden features of your television that can transform your entertainment and infotainment to a whole new level.


Work hard, play hard

Turn your big TV screen into a full-fledged computer with the Personal Computer Mode. Create documents or work from the cloud to complete your school assignments or presentations. Even without an internet connection, you can mirror your laptop for a big screen experience. Not just that, you can access Microsoft Office 365 services over cloud that will ensure that completing online tasks is easy-breezy! And over it all, multi-layered Knox will keep your content secure at all times.



Unwind with your favourite music

Take a break from all that the work and unwind with some good old music. Do you miss your old music player to listen to your favourite songs? Turn your Smart TV into a virtual Music System. Choose from a library of skins and pick from the different colour options. The addition of the visual experience to your audio experience is sure to wow you.

Weekend Binge to your heart’s ‘content’

When the weekend hits and you want to binge on some of your favourite shows or movies, the Content Guide will be your best friend. It will recommend popular shows and tailor made content. From a list of curated content across OTT platforms, let your Smart TV search, while you sit back and choose to watch more of what you love.


Embrace the digital

Low on space? Home Cloud lets you save your most important files to the Samsung Smart TV, wirelessly and automatically. This will help you free up space on your mobile and keep your data safe at home.

Always connected to your smartphone

With the new Auto Hotspot feature, once you connect your TV to the wi-fi hotspot on your smartphone, it will always remain connected. You don’t have to go through the trouble of pairing your television and smartphone each time. It’s that quick, simple and smooth and is particularly handy when you want to get into video calls or online classes frequently.

An assistant always at your service

Make your TV experience more dynamic and fun with Bixby voice assistant. Ask your voice assistant to look up your favourite content or check the status of your IoT connected devices. The Smart TV also supports Alexa voice assistant. So feel free to choose your way of communicating with your television!

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