[World Design Day] Exploring the World of Design with Young Designers at Samsung Design Delhi

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In a world where innovation intersects with creativity, design emerges as the bridge between imagination and reality. As we celebrate World Design Day, it presents an opportune moment to reflect the harmony between design and technology, which facilitates the development of products that align with users’ values and elevate their experiences.


As lifestyles and consumer preferences evolve, Samsung has adapted its design identity to stay ahead of the curve. With its redefined “Design Identity 5.0: Essential∙Innovative∙Harmonious”, Samsung aims to strive for innovation with purpose through design that is essential, innovative and harmonious to build a better future for all. The Corporate Design Center (CDC), a representative design organization, is at the core of systematically executing this design philosophy through Samsung’s Global Design Studios.


[L-R] Rishabh Johri, Arti Potdar and Anannya Gogoi at Samsung Design Delhi


In the heart of India’s National Capital Region, lies a creative powerhouse known as Samsung Design Delhi (affiliated with CDC) which works towards designing products and user experience which is “Locally inspired, globally desired” for the South West Asian Market and beyond. Dynamic young designers here converge with a common passion: to redefine the boundaries of innovation and aesthetics in the ever-evolving realm of technology.


This World Design Day, we delve into the inspiring journey of three young Samsung Design Delhi designers to understand what design means to them.


Check out the interviews below to learn about what inspires young designers, Arti, Rishabh and Anannya to keep on creating holistic industrial design and user experience solutions and transform the future for Samsung consumers:


Meaningful articulation of concepts and ideas to tell a story

On top of being the Lead Designer for Color Material and Finish (CMF) with the Industrial Design Group at Samsung Design Delhi, Arti Potdar is also an experienced architect. Design to her is the meaningful articulation of concepts and ideas to tell a story.


Arti Potdar: Samsung’s ideology of user-centric design strongly resonates with me


Arti believes that design has to be purposeful and intentional and not just coincidental. A good design should be perceptible, accessible, efficient and enjoyable. Often, a user’s evaluation of a product is the culmination of sensing and past experiences. It is crucial for a designer to gain insights into how people sense a product.


“At Samsung, we thrive in creating meaningful experiences for the community through continuous innovation with purpose. With the human first approach, Samsung is building today’s essential product experiences supported by revolutionary technology while forming deeper connections with the users. This ideology of user-centric design strongly resonates with me,” said Arti.


“At SDD, I have the opportunity to build designs that articulate concepts and ideas that enhance the user experience .These capabilities facilitate my collaboration with the MX Design Team in Seoul R&D Campus, Korea, in curating colors for Galaxy M & F Series,” added Arti.


“Selecting smartphone colors for consumers involves consumer insights to understand their preferences and lifestyles. At SDD, we aim to evoke desired emotions and align with the target demographics’ aesthetic sensibilities. Through iterative design, prototyping, and testing, optimal color combinations and materials are chosen to ensure the final product resonates with the target audience.”


Bringing imagination to life

A passionate Interaction Designer at SDD, Rishabh Johri loves to create immersive User Experiences. As a Chief Designer in Future Experience Part, he is spearheading advance user experiences.


Rishabh Johri: Working at SDD has helped in uplifting my values as a designer


Rishabh was driven towards different forms of art since childhood. For him, design is about problem-solving and bringing imagination to life.


“At Samsung, our main focus is to innovate, as we constantly strive to break new grounds. The focus on providing impactful user experience and creating technology that connects people resonated with my belief of using design as a tool for positive change. The fact that my work directly contributes to the enhancement of the community fuels my enthusiasm,” said Rishabh.


“Samsung has provided me with opportunities to work on advanced design projects across digital domains. I worked on designing UX concepts around gesture interaction experiences which provides more intuitive and kinesthetic experiences for the next gen consumers, aligned to the new age smart TVs by teaming up with the CDC Design team.


Also, SDD gave me the chance to work towards strengthening the local market business via enhancing regional language user experiences through the Samsung India Keyboard which makes typing in over 29 Indian regional languages faster, easier and seamless, in collaboration with the local advanced R&D centre.”


“Working at SDD has helped in uplifting my values as a designer and helped me in understanding how design can transcend boundaries to truly make a difference in people’s lives, globally. The culture here is incredibly supportive and collaborative.”


Transforming the ordinary into visually-aesthetic experiences

Anannya Gogoi is a Graphic designer and Visual Artist with specialization in UX design. Design for her began as a form of self-expression, rooted to transforming the ordinary into visually aesthetic experiences.


Anannya Gogoi: In the design process at SDD, we take inspiration from the vast culture and unique needs of South West Asia


She works on Advance Design to identify new archetypes, contributing to commercial products and SDD Global recognition through design awards for innovations like enhancing sound experiences and creating gesture-based interaction UX systems.


“Essential, Innovative and Harmonious is our guiding principle at Samsung. In the design process at SDD, we take inspiration from the vast culture and unique needs of the South West Asia (SWA) region, creating innovations through new perspectives with a focus on global scalability.


With this mindset, we constantly collaborate with our co-located R&D centres and regional headquarters to anticipate future needs and trends for innovations like India Digital Health expansion and enhancing Education experiences with Samsung Smart TV,” said Anannya.


As a visual designer, I am able to innovate for our One UI core visual experiences where I communicate complex research data through enhanced data visualization & graphical user interaction.”
Samsung continues to work towards creating a space for designers that goes beyond designing for products. Samsung fosters employees’ growth by letting them unleash their potential in all creative domains.


Continual Explorations of Infinite Possibilities

While we continue to prioritize design that is not only essential but faithful to the purpose of the product, moving forward, we will harmonize with consumers’ changing lifestyles and elevate their experiences through sustained design innovation. This commitment extends to catering to the young and booming SWA market as well as other regions worldwide, by crafting designs that are both locally inspired and globally desired.

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