[World Environment Day] Celebrating Everyday Sustainability with 2023 Neo QLED TVs

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Samsung India has released a video on ‘Everyday Sustainability’ for its ultra-premium 2023 Neo QLED TV today on World Environment Day. The video showcases the many measures Samsung has undertaken to promote everyday sustainability in its new Neo QLED TV lineup. This includes using scrap materials such as discarded secondary batteries, fishing nets, and waste metals to manufacture several parts of the television and reusable packaging with reduced ink usage by 90%.


The video highlights the features of the 2023 Neo QLED TV, such as a SolarCell remote that is entirely battery-free and can charge only on indoor lighting or sunlight using built-in solar cells. It can also charge by drawing power from spare electromagnetic waves emitted by WiFi routers. Consumers can also enjoy low electricity bills via the AI Energy mode on the SmartThings app, which allows them to reduce energy usage by 20% by decreasing TV brightness per ambient light.


The video is a testimony to Samsung’s consistent efforts to promote sustainability and embrace responsible innovations while catering to consumers’ demand for in-home entertainment and modern lifestyles.


Watch the video below to see why the new Neo QLED TV is the epitome of everyday sustainability.


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