Capturing Beauty in the Everyday with the Galaxy Note9’s Intelligent Camera

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The Galaxy Note9’s camera intelligently takes the work out of capturing the perfect photo, making it easy for users to snap truly stunning shots.


It does this with clever innovations such as Scene Optimizer, which recognizes objects, scenery and time elements in the scene you’re about to snap, and automatically adjusts the color and exposure to provide an optimal image. The results are photos that evoke emotion in those who view them.


How do snapshots of a beautiful autumn day look when captured with Scene Optimizer? Follow along as we take you through a day in the life with Samsung’s most innovative camera yet*.



Admiring Flowers on a Morning Walk

Without Scene Optimizer (left), With Scene Optimizer


The flowers in my neighborhood look particularly beautiful this morning, bathed in the soft autumn sunlight. On my way to meet a friend for lunch, I pause to snap a picture of one of my personal favorites.


Before I take the pic, Scene Optimizer automatically recognizes that a flower is in the camera’s frame and ensures that the ideal color tones are applied. The resulting photo captures the flower’s rich color and delicate patterns, producing a gorgeous shot.



Sharing Snaps of a Delicious Lunch

Without Scene Optimizer (left), With Scene Optimizer


At lunchtime, I meet a friend at a favorite restaurant for pizza and pasta. The sight of the delectable dishes as they’re laid on our table gets our stomachs rumbling. Before digging in, we use the Galaxy Note9’s intelligent camera to snap a picture of our feast for our friends to drool over.


Scene Optimizer ensures that the image accurately captures the vivid colors on display in both dishes. Soon after uploading the mouthwatering photo to our social media pages, our phones are flooded with replies from friends who tell us that they wish they were there to help us polish off our plates!



An Afternoon Break Spotlights Brightness Enhancement

Without Scene Optimizer (left), With Scene Optimizer


Taking a break from the sun, my friend and I stop by a local café to catch up over a cup of coffee. While waiting to pick up our order, I take a picture of my friend as she sits beneath the café’s cozy lighting. Although it’s bright outside and rather dim in here, the Galaxy Note9’s intelligent camera ensures that both my friend and the café’s interior are properly illuminated. The result is a candid photo that’s worthy of a profile pic.



A Stroll Through the Park is Made More Beautiful

Without Scene Optimizer (left), With Scene Optimizer


Soon, we’re back outside enjoying the gorgeous weather with a stroll through a nearby park. It won’t be long before fall foliage will paint the leaves beautiful shades of yellow, red and orange. When I snap a picture of the trees with Scene Optimizer, I’m amazed at the likewise beautiful range of vivid green hues that I see before my eyes.



A Spectacular Sunset Becomes Even More So

Without Scene Optimizer (left), With Scene Optimizer


We finish our day with a hike to a park that offers a spectacular view of the city below. The sight of the sun slipping beyond the horizon—giving way to the twilight sky—takes our breath away, and we decide to snap a picture of the scene with the Galaxy Note9 to cherish this beautiful memory.


The intelligent camera automatically adjusts the color and lighting to ensure that the sunset in the image is just as vivid and beautiful as the one we’re witnessing, leaving us with the perfect photo to remember a perfect day.


To learn more about the Galaxy Note9’s intelligent camera, check out Samsung Newsroom’s in-depth look at the technology, linked here.


*All photos included in this article were taken with the Galaxy Note9 without the use of filters.

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