[CES 2022] Chronicling the Latest Technological Trends Through Samsung’s CES Keynote Speeches

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CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the world’s largest consumer electronics event that sets the scene every January for what the upcoming trends are for the global electronics industry. Each year, the tech world pays particular attention to CES’ keynote addresses, which not only signify the opening of the event, but also present the direction of future products, services and technologies.


Since 2002, Samsung Electronics has been sharing its philosophy and vision for the year ahead – and beyond – through a total of 6 keynote addresses at CES. At CES 2022, the first CES event to be held offline in two years due to the pandemic, Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice Chairman and CEO at Samsung Electronics, is set to walk onto the stage and present his keynote address under the headline ‘Together for Tomorrow’ to present the direction for technological development going forward.


Ahead of Han’s keynote at CES 2022, Samsung Newsroom has compiled the key topics and technological trends presented at Samsung’s CES keynote addresses between 2011 and 2020 to provide an insight into the evolution of the phrase ‘future technology’ what really means.



1. 2011: Human Digitalism


The main topic at Samsung’s 2011 CES keynote was the convergence of digital technology and human beings. Humanism, a philosophy that originated in the culture and arts fields, had recently reached the technology industry and become the latest trend. Illustrating this development, Samsung’s keynote that year centered on the concept of human digitalism, and throughout the address, the company advocated for the “reinterpretation of technology”, an idea that sees the values that human beings fundamentally pursue combined with advanced technologies.


BK Yoon, back then President and Head of Samsung’s Visual Display Business, outlined four guiding principles to underlie human digitalism. These are: interacting with the world in an easy and convenient manner anytime, anywhere; creating products that blend naturally and seamlessly into consumers’ lifestyles; providing enjoyment through new discoveries; and pursuing corporate social responsibility that prioritizes the environment and pursuing a better tomorrow. The company also outlined its plan to apply this vision of human digitalism to all its technologies and products in order to bring about a new digital paradigm shift.



2. Mobilizing Possibility


In 2013, it was the very center of all electronic products – their components – that was gaining attention. Accordingly, in their CES keynote address, Samsung introduced its processor – the brain of their mobile devices – its energy-efficient memory solutions – which help reduce electricity usage – and YOUM, its next-generation flexible display line-up.


The keynote speech, delivered by Dr. Stephen Woo, back then President of System LSI Business of Device Solutions Division of Samsung Electronics, highlighted how society and consumers’ lives are set to benefit from the innovations generated when such advanced component technologies go beyond their boundaries and unite with various technological fields.



3. 2015: Unlocking the Infinite Possibilities of IoT


At its 2015 CES keynote address, Samsung presented its blueprint for what the era of IoT the company planned to realize will look like. Samsung’s blueprint envisioned a world in which all kinds of products would move forward together with digital technology. In addition, Samsung introduced its essential technologies for realizing this IoT-powered world, including ultra-small, energy-efficient and intelligent sensors and semiconductor chips. BK Yoon, back then President and Head of CE division, emphasized the importance of open platforms in order to achieve a true realization of this vision, and accordingly introduced the SmartThings platform, a hub for all kinds of smart devices and services.



4. 2016: IoT, In Sync With Real Life


In their 2016 keynote address, Samsung introduced stories of how IoT had become part of daily life to the audience. Samsung began the keynote by introducing the three key elements of IoT: performance, user environment and security. Dr. WP Hong, back then President of Samsung SDS, introduced their innovative technologies, such as the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator which is a perfect example of IoT playing a role in the home environment. Samsung also affirmed its commitment to providing infinite value to its consumers by expanding its platform openness through cross-industry collaboration going forward.



5. 2020: Age of Experiences


At the beginning of a new decade, Samsung opened CES 2020 with a keynote address that heralded the beginning of a new age, the ‘Age of Experiences’ – the age in which personal preferences and experiences are foremost. The keynote speaker H.S. Kim, back then Samsung Consumer Electronics President and CEO, also shared the company’s vision for the electronics industry over the upcoming 10 years, which highlighted that, by merit of users that prioritize their experience and enjoyment of their products rather than just their ownership of them, personalized technologies able to satisfy each individual’s needs, smart homes and cities and robotic life companions are set to become more important. Samsung also emphasized in the keynote that it will become even more committed to expanding and advancing technologies by focusing on a better future for the users as the driving force and ultimate purpose behind their development.



And ‘Together for Tomorrow’ in 2022


At the upcoming CES 2022, Samsung is set to give its keynote address under the theme of the ‘Together for Tomorrow’, within which the idea that ‘technology should exist for humanity and the Earth’ is paramount.


Samsung is set to introduce its multifaceted efforts to contribute to making life on Earth more sustainable, and emphasize the need for everyone to participate in reducing climate change wherever they may be. The company will also be introducing its latest innovative technologies to help users enjoy even more enriched lifestyles based on optimized, customized service for each and every person, along with enhanced experiences of being connected to one another.


Samsung’s keynote address for at CES 2022 will be livestreamed online on the Samsung Newsroom Malaysia website at 10:30am on 5th January. Be sure to tune in to learn more about Samsung’s latest vision for how innovative technologies can change the world.


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