The Powerful Galaxy Note9 with its Amazing S Pen is in Town!

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Kuala Lumpur, 24 August 2018 – The Galaxy Note9 has certainly caught the attention of the tech world by building on its legacy that sets a higher bar for performance and productivity. The signature S Pen is the trademark of the Note series that makes it stand out among its peers in the smartphone arena and over the years, it has evolved dramatically in design and capabilities.


This year with Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) support, the new Galaxy Note9’s S Pen delivers an entirely new way to use the device which further transforms simple gestures into powerful actions to help you to get the most out of everything you do.


Capture Life’s Best Selfie with the S Pen

With just a single click on the S Pen button, you can launch the camera app from an off-screen and take a picture with another one click. Thanks to its Bluetooth capabilities, it is now no longer just a tool for writing, but a great tool for remote photography that allows you to take a great selfie (or wefie) when you are within 10m apart from the phone.


Present with the S Pen

The core of the Note series is the productivity of its S Pen that allows people to make important memos, express ideas and thoughts through doodling and drawing. This year, Samsung elevates the productivity of the S Pen with the Galaxy Note9’s new presentation mode where you can connect your Galaxy Note9 to a monitor during a meeting and make notes while presenting. You also can navigate your slides easily with just a single or double click on the S Pen button.


Play with the S Pen

The S Pen is capable of controlling the entertainment side of your world too with a click on the S Pen’s button. You can play music and pause on apps such as Samsung Music, YouTube, Google Play Music, and Spotify. With double clicks, you can move on to the next track in your playlist!


Favourites with the S Pen

The great thing about the Galaxy Note9’s S Pen is that you can customise it to suit your preference. For now, the S Pen is compatible with Samsung’s Camera, Gallery, Voice Recorder, Samsung Music, MS PowerPoint, B162 and Snow apps, Snapchat, and most music applications.


Quick Charging for Non-Stop Productivity

You can charge your S Pen just by simply inserting it back into the Galaxy Note9!  With just 40 seconds of charging, the S Pen can be used for 200 clicks or 30 minutes of waiting time.


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