Turn Your TV Packaging Into Something Much Cooler and Greener With #SamsungEcoPackage

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This is how Morfologico turned Samsung’s Eco-Package into a mansion for its kitty Samanta.

To celebrate the World Environment Day, Samsung Electronics Mexico invited Mexican content creator and influencer Morfologico to be part of the change towards a greener world by giving a second life to their television packaging.


Samsung’s Eco-Package was born to create sustainable packaging, first by reducing oil-based ink printing and then with a dot-matrix design so that anyone can create a functional piece for home by giving a second use to the packaging of their TV.


Morfologico’s Neo QLED box had the instructions and guide to create a cat house. With that, he decided to take this activity to a new level, by building a new home for his pet cat Samanta with a very innovative design.


The result was breathtaking: first with exterior decorations and then with spectacular lighting inside the house. To make the mansion cozier, Morfologico placed a rug made with Samanta’s favorite blanket, a portrait and even a miniature Samsung “screen” for her to watch mouse videos.


Undoubtedly the most surprised with the level of luxury and detail was Samanta, but Morfo shared his work on social networks and mesmerized his followers with his creativity.




Samsung foresees that, if each Eco-Package is used as accessories in homes, it could reduce up to 10,000 tons of greenhouse gases in 2021. In this respect, Samsung promotes accessibility, sustainability, and innovation in all its products and technologies to help redefine the role of television in consumers’ homes.


The company has embarked on a sustainability journey that puts the environment first in all business operations with several long-term sustainable programs, including eco-friendly packaging design across its 2021 display lineup, solar cell-powered remote controls, and carbon footprint reduction through the use of recycled materials.


Thus, to mark World Environment Day, Morfologico demonstrated that a new and fun way to recycle is possible thanks to the Eco-Package of Samsung TVs.


Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics strives to incorporate environmental sustainability into everything we do. Our products are thoughtfully designed to minimize the impact on the environment during their entire lifecycle – from planning and manufacturing to consumption and recycling.

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