[Video] Galaxy S9 Captures Samsung Home Appliances in Action with Super Slow-Mo

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As we rush to complete our daily chores, we rarely stop and take a good look at the appliances built to help us. Samsung Electronics believes there is beauty to be found in these everyday moments. To offer a new perspective on Samsung’s three innovative appliances, the company captured them in action with the Galaxy S9’s Super Slow-mo Camera. Check out the videos below to watch the amazing moments unfold.



Samsung’s QuickDrive™ technology reduces washing time by half, without compromising washing performance. Caught in Super Slow-mo, viewers can clearly see the washer’s innovative Q-Drum™ in action, with the main drum and the back plate rotating independently. This independent motion, powered by double forces, ensures the clothes inside the washing machine move dynamically around the drum—back and forth, as well top to bottom.



POWERbot™ powerfully cleans even the most hard-to-reach areas. Slowing down the robot vacuum cleaner with Super Slow-mo allows viewers to appreciate its powerful suction, which delivers optimal cleaning results with 40x more suction power than the previous model*. In addition, the device’s self-cleaning brush prevents clogging from collected dust and tangled hair, cutting down on regular maintenance and enabling it to run autonomously even longer.



Watching Samsung’s WaterWall™ dishwasher technology in Super Slow-mo, viewers can see individual jets create a powerful wall of water that cleans everything in the dishwasher. The Top Control Dishwasher with WaterWall™ also harnesses Zone Booster™ in the left half of the appliance, which has five nozzles for the industry’s widest targeted cleaning that cleans even the dirtiest dishes in a single wash.


*Tested internally on Samsung POWERbot VR7000 and Samsung conventional VR10F71UCAC

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