Defying barriers to inspire social action: Samsung unveils #TeamUnstoppable in latest campaign

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The world is rapidly changing and so is today’s generation. They are redefining boundaries and continuously challenging themselves to do what people tell them they can’t do. They are breaking gender stereotypes, conquering what seems to be impossible, and rising above insecurities. More importantly, they have a deep understanding of the ways in which digital technology may be leveraged to create new solutions and opportunities in hopes of finding a better way to do things.


With this in mind, Samsung recently launched #TeamUnstoppable, a campaign that encourages the Gen Z in Southeast Asia to be part of designing solutions to the challenges they confront. As part of the initiative, the brand brought together a group of young icons who are passionate about gaming, food, sustainability, education and fashion to share their stories in the hope of encouraging others to take action and become involved in making a positive impact in their communities.


Gen Z is not afraid to express their influence and Samsung’s #TeamUnstoppable continues to be just as relentless. Since the launch of the campaign last year, #TeamUnstoppable proves that there are no limitations. The first batch of #TeamUnstoppable icons showed that it’s okay to dare and be different. They showcased defiance. They were the game changers.


And for 2022, #TeamUnstoppable gets bigger and stronger.


This year’s batch of Samsung’s #TeamUnstoppable has evolved from being “inspos” to captains involved in social causes. They know what they have; now they are sharing it with the world.


Unafraid, unfazed, unleashed: Meet this year’s #TeamUnstoppable


This year’s #TeamUnstoppable is composed of go-getters who not only defy boundaries, but also help others reach new heights. Samsung brought together six inspiring industry leaders around the world to share their Unstoppable stories in the hope of furthering their advocacy.


Team Unstoppable 2.0 includes Chau Bui, a fashion content creator from Vietnam who redefines clothing standards and aspires to raise awareness on wellness and sustainable fashion. She is joined by Jason Chua, a chef from Singapore who launched his own Hawker stall at age of 26. Jason goes beyond the kitchen to use his skills for good by providing free meals and livelihood training to different communities.


Education advocate Jerome Polin from Indonesia also joins the team to share his advocacy of improving the country’s education system. Meanwhile, actor and youth leader Jabir Meftah from Malaysia rallies behind climate advocacies. Actor and veterinarian Neng Sarun is also onboard with his advocacy of improving animals’ quality of life.


And from the Philippines, our very own Karla Golosinda, popularly known as Queen Wrecker, takes part in upholding the country’s gaming scene and sharing her story of how she uses her platform to help local communities.


Gaming for good: PH’s Queen Wrecker takes the global stage


Karla Golosinda, or Queen Wrecker on the gaming stage, has achieved massive success as one of the country’s top gaming personalities. She is best known for her game streams on social media, having amassed over 1.8 million followers on Facebook alone. She continues to showcase her authentic self on her platforms through highly engaging livestreams, and content that show glimpses of her daily life.


Golosinda is a testament to how one can defy barriers to do good. Before making a name for herself in the gaming scene, she entered theater as an actress and took on part-time jobs to help support her studies and her family’s needs. This humble background is what inspires her to take action and use her success to help others. Now, she is dedicated to continuing a movement to support local communities especially in times of natural disasters and calamities.


There are many misconceptions about gaming and its association to violence, but Golosinda believes that gaming can also become the “force” that allows people to do good.


Share your Unstoppable Story


It all starts with a flip of courage, a dash of flexibility, and perseverance multiplied by a thousandfold to overcome any challenge. And, after facing personal woes, this behavior ripples and influences the people around you.


Samsung believes in the grit of the Unstoppable generation and acknowledges that every story of persistence deserves to be recognized.


So now, tell us yours. Share with us your own #Unstoppable story for a chance to win the latest Galaxy devices. Be sure to follow Samsung PH for the complete mechanics and check Team Unstoppable stories on the Samsung PH website.


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