Elevate Your Home with Samsung’s Side-by-Side Refrigerators

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A Filipino home is, more often than not, a shared one—with several generations living together to comprise a large household. This is why we have a strong inclination to curate a space that is equipped to cater to the demands of a big family, and why we cherish the homes that we have built and continue to share with our loved ones. 


Given this, it’s so important to always be on the lookout for essential solutions that seamlessly combine efficiency and convenience. These transformative solutions not only elevate the quality of life but also enhance the very essence of one’s home. This is what Samsung’s Side-by-Side refrigerators are wholly designed and built for. These latest innovations are also all about maximizing space and saving energy—making life easier while maintaining an energy-efficient home.


Let’s start with the basics: groceries. When sharing a space with more family members, this entails more groceries that require a larger space to store them. With SpaceMax™ technology, this latest home must-have from Samsung features thinner walls that increase the refrigerator’s capacity up to 100 liters while keeping a sleek and stylish look that is perfect for your kitchen. Together with a bigger space to fill with more groceries, Samsung’s Side-by-Side refrigerators also feature a high-efficient insulation to ensure that cooling doesn’t get compromised with the upgraded thin walls. The result? The walls in your freezer have slimmed down, creating  more storage space to work with. Plus, both the freezer and fridge doors have slimmed down, too, giving families more room where they need it the most. Along with its space-saving and energy-saving features, Samsung’s Side-by-Side refrigerators also come with All-around Cooling technology that blows cold air through multiple vents on every shelf level, from corner to corner. This maintains a constant temperature so families can enjoy fresh food for longer. 


And because energy bills can be sky-high in a big household, Samsung’s Side-by-Side refrigerators’ Digital Inverter Technology will surely be a welcome addition to its range of functionalities. This intelligently adjusts its power and running speed depending on the immediate cooling requirement of the compressor. Compared to reciprocating compressors found in other refrigerators, a digital inverter guarantees consistent, uniform cooling without abruptly starting and stopping. This saves energy by up to 50% while reducing noise and the wear and tear of internal components. The refrigerator’s long life is also further extended by a 20-year warranty—the industry’s longest warranty on the most expensive part of the refrigerator, its compressor. Additionally, greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced, thus allowing homeowners to do their part to protect the environment.


Samsung’s Side-by-Side refrigerators aren’t just typical appliances; they are extraordinary feats of innovation tailor-made for larger-than-life Filipino households. Packed with cutting-edge technology, Samsung’s Side-by-Side refrigerators are catalysts for unforgettable family meals, forging bonds that last a lifetime. Say hello to a future filled with meaningful moments shared at home, made possible by Samsung’s unrivaled ingenuity.


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